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Hi Fi Corporation / no stock! - ever?

1 South Africa Review updated:

I bought a portable diamond dvd player from hi fi corporation in port elizabeth south africa in mid 2007. After repairs done twice to the unit, I waited for the second time round more than 25 days to get my product back from the store. I phoned them numerous times only to hear "we will phone you back sir". Eventually one of their friendly tech's, gave me a voucher for the initial amount of purchase r 799-00. Fantastic service only to discover that they did not have stock - nor will they have stock of the original product I wanted again. I was offered other makes of players more expensive than the one I had bought for my son's birthday.
Now the point I make is the following :

> I don't want another product, more expensive as the one I bought.
> I have a voucher which I cannot use.
> this deal will leave me out of pocket and misrable as hi fi corporation cannot compromise to provide me with one single diamond dvd player or the like, at the same price which I take it they import by numbers.
> a lady heather, phones me from the hi fi corporation shop in port elizabeth on 28 feb 08 and offers me a sansui at r 200-00 more. I have to pay more to relive the horror?
> the hi fi corporation's link on the web page to customars complaints seems to be not linking as I had to spend national telephone rates to call someone at the call center in jhb to lodge a complaint.
> if the product was old or unique in any way, I would understand their ability not to replace it at the same price. I bought it in mid 2007, not even eight months down the line and you cannot find it any more? Questionable imports or just no regard for customer service.
> no refunds? Wow what a convient way to retain customers.

I say : "give me the same product or give me my money back"

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  • Ci
      1st of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    i totally agree Hi Fi Corp has the most appauling customer service known to mankind. no one takes ownership of anything and everyione just seems to pass the buck. I had my banking details changed November 2007 at which point i went into the branch in Ronderbosch Cape twon to have my banking details changed only to be told that its too late in teh month and a manual payment has to be made which i had made for two months following. And to date they have still not changed my banking details and i have obvoisly incurred bank charges and nothing is being done about it and i have attempted on numerous occasions to have this details updated to be given excuse after excuse liek they are currently offline this cannot eb done over the phoen and finally to add insult to injury after having been to the store 3X i was told that i would have to come in again to update my details.


  • Al
      21st of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    ya, Portable DVD players seem to be futile pieces of junk. I bought a Sansui one in 2006 Oct, at first i used it all the i even took it camping with me(watched DVDS out there in the kalahari Gemsbok Park ). but by Dec the backing of the device started to come off, and the laser stopped reading the disc. so i took it back to Hi- Fi..only after three trips and three months later, did they tell me it could not be fixed. I looked at the room where the appliance were kept, and all i saw was boxes of defaulted Sancui DVDs. (Never buy sancui I realised !!!) so i was refunded the R1299 voucher back that it cost me(they also were out of tok for the sancui DVD). luckily just in time for my 18 birthday. i decided not to get another portable DVD player as the novelty of them had worn off. instead i settled for a LG DVD/video combo for my room, and there was enough voucher credit left for me to get the Little Mermaid DVD as well: ). Back to point, i was glad i got my money back, but really frustrated by the slow service. But a company that makes great portable DVD players is Telefunken, a friend of mine has one and it's lasted for 1 year already!!!

  • Tr
      9th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Fool me once, shame on you, twice - shame on me. And I am ashamed that I didn't heed my friend's advice not to buy from Hi Fi Corporation. I will never buy anything from Hi Fi Corporation again.
    Seems they try to enforce a three times return rule (at 21 days per return) before they will replace a defective item. So they want 63 days and three attempts to fix the very items they sell... If they have so little confidence in themselves, then so do I !

  • Ca
      11th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    I've bought 4 expensive products at Hi-Fi Corp in the last 5 months; I've had a bad experience each time. Can't believe I actually went back there after the third time. I've never experienced such bad customer service, even via their customer service department.
    The staff is unprofessional and don't have good product knowledge. The managers are unhelpful and unproactive. The so called "service department" is a joke. How embarassing for them...or not.

  • Zu
      29th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Is there anyone who bought DIXON or C-TECH DVD player? How is the quality?

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