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Herzing College Online / Rip off

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I attended Herzing Online for 3 terms in the Medical Coding and Billing program. My recruiter told me that the school only cost $7, 000 for the entire program and that since I am receiving Full Pell Grant from FAFSA, school would be covered and THEN some.

I attended a community college before this and my Pell Grant covered everything (including books) and then they sent me a check for the remainder of my grant for expenses. Since I've gone through this before, I figured that I could believe what this person told me.

Anyways, during my third term my fiance's Grandpa passed away. He passed away in our house after my fiance performed CPR on him for 30 minutes waiting for the Emergency Response team to finally show up. He kept him alive until they got there, and they gave up and let him die. This was very traumatic for our whole family, especially my fiance, which put a strain on me.

Due to this fact I missed one of my finals. I figured 'No big deal, I'll just retake it. Worse case scenario I'll retake the class so no biggie, right?' Wrong. They expelled me.

The FREAKING EXPELLED me. I called them up after I realized that I was locked out of the system and asked them what was up. They informed me 'For a fee we'll allow you back in our school'. At that point, and with everything I just had to endure I couldn't deal with it anymore. I just logged out and never came back. I was so upset/heartbroken. How could they be so cold??

A few months later I got a bill for my loan. I was like 'LOAN?! What are they talking about?!'. Apparently they took ALL of my Pell from the Government, and the money they were sending me was from a LOAN. So now I have $9, 000 loan hanging over my head and marring my credit score. (Yes, you read that right. $9, 000. Not even the $7, 000 he originally quoted me. They took ALL my Pell and then stuck me with a loan of MORE than they said the whole program cost).

I can't believe they can justify charging me (and the Government) all that money for only 2 1/2 semesters. It just doesn't make sense.


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