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Hello Peter / False Reporting

1 180 Mahatma Gandhi Road. point WaterfrontSouth Africa Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 27747313256

We had a minor complaint against our company Earth Africa Curio when a private consumer Chris Scott from Cape Town, tried to sneak through the back door and buy on a wholesale basis. He complained that the products were poor quality - what a crock! We deal in African products and all our products are handmade and so will never be perfect, they also carry minor scratches etc, which is the very nature of African Arts and Crafts and the reason people from all over the world collect these curios. When he complained we asked him to return the products for a full refund inclusive of return transport costs. We never got the products back even though he said he sent them twice, this is an issue he needs to take up with the Post Office and not blame Earth Africa Curio for bad service. Eventually after numerous phone calls from him asking if we had received the goods we decided to refund him anyway which we did as the value was small and not worth the irritation. Chris Scott sent a scathing report to Hello Peter and blatantly lied about not receiving the refund and left out more info than he put in. Hello Peter never once verified the information to be correct but went straight ahead and published it. We picked up the article on google six months later and when we tried to defend ourselves on Hello Peter we found that we had to pay extortionist admin fees (sic). We sent through an email to Hello Peter to complain about the fact that we were not provided with a suitable platform to respond to the spurious and untrue complaint against us. They in turn contacted Chris Scott who stuck to his story that he had not been refunded - WE HAVE THE BANK TRANSFER TO CHRIS SCOTT TO PROVE WE HAD REFUNDED HIM IN FULL INCLUSIVE OF TRANSPORT COSTS, even though we still have not received the so called "returned goods" more than six months later.
Hello Peter is not interested in consumer complaints or justice for the consumer, they are only there to make money, their method of business is tantamount to blackmail where they make you pay them to defend yourself even though you may be totally innocent. If Hello Peter were a reputable consumer rights campaigner as they claim to be they would check the veracity of the complaint with the supplier before they publish the complaint which ranks high on search engines and has a negative effect on the supplier, or at the very least offer the supplier the opportunity to respond for free.
I will not be held to ransom by Hello Peter and pay blood money to defend myself, instead I will spread the word through all social media platforms to inform the world of just how miserable and corrupt they are.
Since this incident I have researched Hello Peter and found a lot of other companies / people accusing them of nefarious business practices... please follow this link to see other similar complaints against Hello Peter:

Apr 29, 2013
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  • Br
      29th of Apr, 2013
    -1 Votes

    Pot, meet kettle. And oh - read THIS site's Terms of Use, bet they pretty much mirror Hello Peter's.

  • Ea
      29th of Apr, 2013
    -1 Votes

    I would love you to explain your rational of branding Earth Africa either the Pot or the Kettle - we asked the customer to return the goods for a full refund inclusive of transport costs - we never received the "returned goods" and yet refunded the customer anyway. The customer who complained about us blatantly lied to Hello Peter and said they had not received a please feel free to explain your comment!!!

  • Br
      29th of Apr, 2013
    -1 Votes

    Your complaint is against a business that does not vet or resolve complaints, and will not remove complaints unless you pay. Newsflash! Neither does this site. You have not provided any proof of your claims against the customer, pot.

    Also, your company raises several red flags that savvy consumers would avoid doing business with due to the fact that your website is unprofessionally done, there are no Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, or Return/Refund information. Your email is a Yahoo addy, you do not accept traditional payment methods and your excuse is highly suspect. The only payment options you accept are common with scam sites. You say the customer tried to buy on a wholesale basis, THAT is what your site sells on.

    Also, posting a customer's personal information on public websites is extremely unprofessional and should make anyone wary of doing business with you out of fear of their personal info being publicized should you take umbrage with them. You are throwing a major tizzy because someone wrote a complaint about your business, ALL businesses get complaints. The ones who weather them well are the ones who handle them well. You have done more harm to your business with this complaint than any customer or complaint ever could.

  • Ea
      30th of Apr, 2013
    -1 Votes

    For the second time you make absolutely no sense at all...when the customer complained we asked him to return the goods for a full refund...he never returned the goods...we refunded him anyway...and you say we have a bad attitude towards the complaint - what more do you want us to do? There is not a single company on this planet that would give a full refund inclusive of transport costs without receiving the returned goods first...WHICH WE DID.

  • Ea
      1st of May, 2013
    -1 Votes

    The reason we complained about Hello Peter is because we contacted them and explained that where the customer said he did not get a refund we in fact had given him a refund of which the proof of we could forward to Hello Peter, which should be more than enough for Hello Peter to remove the complaint, but as I have already explained Hello Peter is not a consumer watch dog as they portray but an extortionist business - they will not remove the complaint unless we pay them a lot of money even though they are fully aware the initial complaint against us is unjust.
    Our business is a wholesale business and we only deal in bulk purchases which is the reason we do not accept credit cards which charge high commissions - we are not an online shop selling single items. Further to that you cannot purchase a single product off the website, we only offer an order form where there is no payment option provided, so I have no idea how you think we can scam anyone. As far as refunds we have already proved we do refund above.
    Your point on privacy eludes me with regard to customers personal information, the customer complained in his own name for all to see, so why must he be given privacy in our response, follow this link which shows his name in the complaint.: who by the way when we contacted him via email to query the non refund claim, he stated in a return email to us that he did not tell Hello Peter that he had not received the refund !!!
    Yes we use a yahoo email...I am not aware of any reason I shouldn't be. Previously we used hotmail and lost emails and gmail is to slow and quite frankly have no idea why you even brought this up.
    As far as unprofessional website...I certainly don't need to defend myself there... just go onto the site and you will see just how incredibly professional it is, all the necessary info is clearly available including full address and contact tel. numbers, the site is well laid out with excellent graphics. If you are still struggling go to FAQ for anything else you may require.
    Yes you are correct, every business receives complaints - it is only when a complaint is not a complaint any more that we take offense. In this case the customer blatantly lied to Hello Peter and we are expected to pay blood money to defend ourselves.

  • Mp
      13th of May, 2013
    -1 Votes

    RAGE im not happy about how they do business. Date was on the 12 of May 2013 mothers day. I bought ankle boots for my mother which were unfortunately big and she ddn't like the style i choose for her. I ask my boyfriend to go look for another one's or they must credit back to my amusement they say they don't refund and they sent him from pillar to post. It was the 13 of May 2013 not even 24 hours and i still have their slip, box and everything was intact. When i googled their page it tells me a different story. It reads EXCHANGE need to be made within seven days from date of purchase, in which case we will gladly replace your purchase or you a credit note. Just bring your unworn item or shoe with the tag attache, the box and the original slip. Rage Maponya Mall. and the tellers name she said is Sthandwa.

    My name is Mpho Gift Zulu, Cell no 076 473 7142 email addres

  • Ea
      15th of May, 2013
    -1 Votes

    Dear Mpho, I am not sure why you have chosen to complain here - this article is about Earth Africa Curio complaining about Hello Peter false reporting (see the top of this page) We are wholesalers and are not open to the public, we do not sell ankle boots and you did not purchase anything from Earth Africa Curio. Please open up a new complaint with the Complaints Board and list the name of the company you actually purchased the goods from and are complaining about.

  • Ri
      30th of Dec, 2013
    -1 Votes

    As a pensioner, I am approaching you in desperation about my dispute with Vodacom.

    I have two data contracts with them - a 3 gig and a 2 gig. The 2 gig I used to use on my tablet, which was stolen about 3 months ago. The subscription for that was R269 p/m (including the tablet). The 3 gig data contract I used on my router. The subscription for that was R149 p/m.

    For the past 2 months I have been billed for exaggerated amounts - in October in respect of the 3 gig data, and in November in respect of both the 2 and 3 gig contracts. For October I was billed R2452, 91 of which they undertook to reverse R1518 on my account as a credit, after I disputed it. (That amount is, however, still reflected on my latest statement as a debit!) For November I was billed for R4448, 11 - whereas my total bill should be R1043, 50 - an overcharge of R3404, 61.

    As stated earlier, my tablet was stolen about three months ago. It was immediately blacklisted and I was given a new sim card. It was therefore impossible for me to have used data on it.

    Since then I have also made a point of removing the sim card from my router when I was not using it. In any event, when I did use it, I only utilized it for e-mails and Whatsap. During the middle of November 2013 we acquired uncapped data from Telkom and, since we are at home vitually all day, we have been using the uncapped data.

    In view of my statement above, I am seeking relief from what I regard as a gross injustice, because I can state under oath that I did not utilize the excessive data on any of my devices.

    I trust that you will view my predicament with sufficient sympathy to ease this unfair financial burden.

    Kind regards.


    CELL 0827811288

    VODACOM A/C IO 141898/8

  • Aa
      8th of Aug, 2014
    -1 Votes

    hellopeter is a scam site that attempts to extort money from victimised companies. We have now reported it to FBI cybercrime, AFP cybercrime, Australia's DFAT and of course local (corrupt, incompetent) authorities.

    Next, will be shutting the site down if it doesn't either stop the extortion racket or remove the unfounded slurs which it reports without any fact checking.

    Great look for Africa. As usual.

  • Mi
      27th of Oct, 2014
    -1 Votes

    Hello Peter:
    Die banke het 'n swak plek; As jy vir 'n klient 'n rekening gee om te vereffen en die rekening houer naam en rekening verskil aanvaar die bank dit ongeag of dit 'n maatskappy naam is of 'n persoonlike naam is byvoorbeeld ons besigheid se Naam is Midbergh Supplies ons het 'n FNB rekening en 'n Standard Bank rek. iemand het geld aangevra om in 'n Nedbank rekening geld in te betaal Nedbank het die geld aanvaar sonder dat daar 'n indikasie was dat Midbergh nie 'n rekening het by Nedbank .Vroeer jare kon jy nie geld sommer so deponeer sonder dat die rekening nommer en rekening houer se rekening nie oor een stem nie. Die banke se terug voor dit is nou maar so. Hoe stop mens dit, daar is 'n groot bedrag so besteel van ons klient en ons is 'n verkoopstransakie minder. Ons kan nie 'n saak oopmaak nie want ons was nie besteel of die verkeerde inligting gegee nie. Maar Nedbank was en is veronderstel om die betrokke persoon aan wie die geld uit betaal te dagvaar en aan te gee vir bedrog want, VOLGENS HULLE MAG HULLE GEEN INLIGTING UITGEE NIE. Maar daar is duidlik 'n bewys die rekeing naam stem nie oor een met die bestaande rekeinghouer nie.

  • Ke
      2nd of Nov, 2014
    -1 Votes

    Hello Peter:
    My wife was relaxing at home on Sunday morning 2 Nov 2014 when she received two text message that two withdrawals were made from her ABSA savings account at the ATM amounting to R4 000, 00.This is her daily limit.
    This would be understandable if the card was stolen by someone who had knowledge of the PIN but this is shocking when the card is in her possession.
    I believe that this is a serious breach of security at ABSA and someone should explain to me how an ATM transaction can occur without a bank card.
    If a replica card was used by someone who knew the PIN then ABSA has a breach in security and they should use all means possible to rectify this.

  • Da
      11th of Feb, 2015
    +1 Votes

    Hello Pete:
    We was having a braai on sunday then a plane come over from the airport.
    It shakes my tv of my counter and it did fall. Why can planes be allowed to fly so low over houses.
    I want they must buy me n new tv, please help Pete

  • Ab
      2nd of Mar, 2015
    0 Votes


    My name is Abigail Khoza. I am having problem with Foschini Store. I didn't pay my installment of 540 which was due on the 1st of January. On February the 14th I went to the store and want to pay and I asked them how much is my outstanding balance for two months which is January and February 2015. They said is R1240. I paid R1000.00 and promise to pay the remaining balance of R240.00 on the 25th February. Which I honoured my agreement. For my surprise when i went to the shop on the 25th to pay the remaining balance of R240.00 i was told that I must pay R940.00. I told them that I don't understand because its 240 that i am supposed to pay for 2 months. They said the other one is for March and I said i will pay the other one on the 25th of March. I paid that R700.00 on the 27th Feb 2015 which i was suppose to pay on 25th of March. January i was suppose to pay 540 and Feb I was supposed to pay 700. which is R1240.00 for two months installment. I feel that i have been roobed R700 which i was suppose to pay month end of March.

    I explain to them and give them example of IDENTITY AND TRUWORTHS where i didnt pay because I was not around. for Example i went to TRuworths and ask them they said i should pay R2020.00 which was for two months Jan & Feb 2015. I paid R1000.00 and promised to Pay the remaining balance of R1020 before monthend. I hounored the agreement and I paid the remaining balance of R1020 on the 27th of February. My account is up to date and I asked them when am i supposed to pay they said month end of March 2015. I was suprised because they didn't add the installment like Foschini. They said everything is fine. i would like Hello Peter to solve my problem with Foschini as I am not happy about the extra payment that i did. my phone no is 076 211 8577 AND MY CARD NO FOR FOSCHINI IS 6277 43 001 10309 57380. PLEASE HELP ME

  • Ab
      2nd of Mar, 2015
    0 Votes

    Hello Peter

    May you please assist me with Foschini Store. They charged me money for three installment instead of two installment in two months. i was supposed to pay R1240 for January and February 2015. and they charged me R700 extra for March which is unfair to me. The other shops like IDENTITY & TRUWORTHS didnt give me problem I paid installments for two months in two months. may you please help me as I tried to speak to call center and they are not willing to assist me. i went to Foschini in Messina and they agree with me that they are wrong and the call center don't want to agree. Installment for January was R540 and February was R700 = R1240. I WAS SUPRISDE TO BE TOLD THAT I HAVE TO ADD R700.00

  • No
      27th of Mar, 2015
    +1 Votes

    I can't get hold of hello peter to complain directly to them for a malicious posting which is affecting our business very badly. can you let me have their contact number?

  • Pr
      6th of Jun, 2015
    0 Votes

    I had a very similar experience where the customer also blatantly lied in his post.
    I supplied an item, he did not want it, it was returned damaged and in an unsaleable condition, after the 30 return period.

    I returned it straight back to him.
    He then posted that after returning his goods, which according to him I had passed a credit for, that he had then spoken to me every day for a month, and every single day I promised him a refund which according to him did not materialise.

    I cannot get it removed for love or money.

  • Bb
      7th of Aug, 2015
    0 Votes

    You can file a take down notice according to the Electronic Communications Act, as long as you agree to their terms as follows: The supplier acknowledges that users of the website may use the website to post unlawful content, including defamatory, insulting, private, racist, sexist, threatening, harassing, degrading, fraudulent, obscene, indecent or otherwise objectionable material ("unlawful content") about the supplier. The supplier undertakes not to institute legal action or take any steps whatsoever against the owner/s of, its members, its representatives, its employees and its independent contractors, as a result of any unlawful content posted on the website, whether arising from negligence or any other cause whatsoever. The supplier undertakes not to institute legal action or take any steps whatsoever against any user of the website, as a result of any defamatory or insulting content posted on the website, whether arising from negligence or any other cause whatsoever.
    I assume that most of the businesses you harm by allowing incorrect and in this case criminal and false allegations to be posted on a public, indexed website agree to this?
    Kindly furnish me with the legislation you refer to > “There are a number of specific requirements for a take-down notification set out in the legislation”. Not sure exactly how Hellopeter appoints itself to represent a "supplier" that makes no application to be represented by them, or enforces "terms" that must be in violation of at least 10 laws. Extortion, plain and simple.

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