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7:17 am

Represent - shirt order

I ordered a shirt through Rainn Wilson's charity campaign. This was a Christmas gift for my husband from our children. I received an email that once the campaign ended I would receive another email when it shipped on December 14. The email never came. I have emailed and called for over a week now and can't reach anyone. Most of the time when I call, whichever option I choose sends me back to the original recorded message. My emails receive an automatic response that they will respond within 2 business days, which never happens. I have reached out to Rainn Wilson so maybe I'll get a response that way? It's worth a try.

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4:12 am

Represent - what a joke!!!

I have just one question: when are they going to ship my t-shirt.
Imprint: I ordered a t-shirt at the beginning of November. I wasn't shipped yet and there's no information when it will be shipped at all. I tried to contact them many times, but each time I talk to them I hear a different story. At first, they told me that the t-shirt is on back order. Ok, two weeks later they said it has been out of stock since July. Wow.
And eventually last time I called one week ago I was said the t-shirt would be shipped soon. I honestly love fairytales, but not when my money has to do with this

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2:28 pm

Represent - gaming jen in a hole shirt for $27.98

I ordered a shirt that my daughter wanted for X-Mas and paid $27.98. I ordered a Large as my daughter normally wears a medium and so I wanted to go up in size to be sure. Their size chart said a large is 18 1/4 half chest. I get the shirt and its WAY smaller than my daughter sized Medium shirt. Of course this company is not answering their phone calls at phone #323-456-1000. Guess the only way to get a response or my money back is through a paypal dispute. Buyer beware! Look at the pics attached, they speak for themselves. I put the pink shirt (what I received) on top of my daugher's medium shirt (black one). Neck tag on the pink shirt clearly says Large.

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9:56 pm

Represent - online order t-shirt

6 weeks ago they took our money and THOUSANDS others for a T-shirt, , excuse after excuse no T-shirt as of today.
So sad that this company, @represent, is not holding up to their promise by coming up with all sorts of excuses on why no one is getting their order... I just wonder about the part were this was all for a good cause, anti bullying, and making so many people, mostly kids, very upset. Get us a refund. Is not all about money, sales or business, we are taking kids and their trust here! Get your act together, thank you.

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6:18 am

Represent - Terrible place for shopping online

I've been trying to find out my tracking number for several days. I also have no idea whether they shipped my order or not.
Trying to contact them is absolutely useless. They are talkative only if you ask questions about your future purchase. The only email I got from them was with the order confirmation. So I still don't understand what happened and how to contact them and hear a human voice.
I really want you to stop ignoring me.

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3:19 am

Represent - Be prepared for a ridiculous mess

I purchased a completely new shirt from them that was never been in stock before. And they notified me that my parcel will arrive even faster than expected. I was so happy, though this kind of service was the best one. But after one week, then one more week nothing had happened. I didn't receive anything, though their site kept stating that my order would be shipped soon. They didn't forget to notify me about it each week, but why? When I eventually received it after 6 weeks, the order was wrong :( Now I'm going to go through the return process and don't expect it to be easy :(
But I'm done with this website forever.

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Hi Soraya, Thank you for your feedback and very sorry to hear that you had this experience with your service. I've just send you a message - of course we'll be happy to make this up to you! Looking forward to hearing back from you :) Best, Stepan

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6:56 am
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Represent - Missing items

I have ordered three t-shirts from Represent website. Shipping took forever (over a month) and when I finally received my order I was shocked to see that there was only one shirt instead of three! Contacted customer service and they said how sorry they were and promised I'll get the missing shirts as soon as possible. When I contacted them for the second...

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