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I will never ever purchase from Heartland America again. Upon purchasing anything, it was continuously offered to me that if I paid $39.95 in addition to order, I would get 10% off and $20 in rebates. You are told even if you change your mind no questions asked. Wrong. That is a lie. Also, another offer of $39.95, reduced shipping/free shipping. Again, promised if not happy a refund, another lie. All together I have lost over $150.00 in cash with Heartland. 1. Never got rebates, 2. Refused to take back faulty product. 3. Both plans have a fine print that actually does not allow a refund. I never saw this but the $80 was kept and I had to throw away the defective products. 4. If sent a faulty product and it doesn't work, even if you pay for the extended warranty, the money spent on warranty, kept by company, product is not replaced, given a partial refund on credit card, product cost $168. received $128. on card. In addition to the two (2) $39.98 plans I signed up, those were also refused back even though the customer service said no matter what your complaint. I don't have any of their products and spent several hundred dollars. I purchased mostly electronics. Also, if you do call and explain you are unhappy with product, you will many times be placed on hold trasnfered around and eventually hung up on. I am disabled and money is tight. I am so hurt that this company is allowed to sell bad products and then make up excuses for not receiving your rebates, and other services which you paid and were lied to by the Customer service team.


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      Jun 26, 2009

    I bought 2 of these bulbs as they are only sold in pairs at $29.98. They are supposed to last 60, 000 hours. My bulbs don't have 600 hours on them and already one of them doesn't work. When I called to complain, they said there is no warranty on them and there was nothing they could do. If you deal with this company you will most likely regret it eventually.

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      Apr 04, 2012

    I feel your paine

    Deception IS their business model.

    Even if they get all their products returned, they still keep that $2.99 "Processing Fee"

    What a JOKE!!

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