Hearthware Home Products NuWave Ovenonline order system duplicated my order

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I tried ordering Online, and quit midway and before I gave any approval. When I went back in the ordering system attempted to resume right where I left off. I left the website and cleared the cookies. When I went back to the ir wesite it started at te begining entering the same information. The system did NOT seem to recognize that I had ever been online, so I felt confident that i could proceed. I completed that order and was offered that I could have the order processed within 24 hours or the next day if I waived my right to cancel the order. That was my mistake, because it immediately told me the order was complete. No problems? Not so!

I received an immediate email confirming my order. That was efficient. However within five mintues I received a second email, different order number and different amount and items. When I called (this was on the weekend) I spoke to the call center (not affiliated with the compnay) and the supervis0r informed me that he couldn't verify either order, let alone cancel either order.

Did I waive any rights on the first order, No! Did the sytem inform me on the second attempt that I had a partially completed order? No! The second order was the only order that I completed, but the order system completed both orders without ever saying a thing or confirming the quantity or duplicate attempt which was canceled.

For whatever it's worth, I should have GOOGLED the company name, because I'm findng consumer complaints all over the internet on this company. If you looked here first, you're a whole lot smarter than me. If you order this product, perhaps you will benefit from what I'm writing. Good luck!

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  • Ib
      Jan 25, 2010

    Something like this happened to me. The only difference being...the website said my credit card was invalid. I tried it again and it still said the same thing. So I pulled out another credit card and that one worked. I did not realize they 'BOTH TOOK" until I got my credit card statements! I was livid! I pursued these companies for 3 months until I got all my money back which amounted to almost $500 for two credit cards!!! I learned my lesson and will never order from another of these scam sites.

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  • Ja
      Feb 23, 2010

    so did you buy a nuwave oven??? where should i buy mine i really want one. how should i do it????????????

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  • Ga
      Dec 26, 2010

    Wow. I am sorry to hear about everyone's troubles. I actually bought mine from Walgreens because I didn't want to deal with extra charges and shipping. However, I only kept the Nuwave for one week or so and then I returned it for a full refund. The reason for returning it was because it was the mini version, which means you can't fit neither a whole Chicken nor a whole turkey. Regardless, it made great baked sweet potatoes.

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  • Mu
      Dec 31, 2010

    The worst thing so could do is order from this company. first step b efore ordering anyting is to Google - See all review before ordering anything off of TV. Second Step - find out who own the company - with nuwaveoven. IT is 2 men working out of their house. third if you cannot get in touch with them don't walk but run to Bank and stop payment. I telephone bill is high due to waiting for them to answer, I finally receive my money back after waiting more than three week. Will never do business again until I get fully all review on company and products.

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