Heald College Modesto / Tuition

Modesto, CA, United States

I started school at heald in November of 2012, and I have maintained excellent grades in the two years that I have been there. Recently, I was told that Part-time students would be charged more for classes and that full-time students would be charged less as an insintive for moving along faster with their education. When I started I was told that my tuition would be covered. I made it clear that I would not be able to pay any out of pocket expenses but here I am two years later and $1255 in debt to these people. I have watched students rarely show up or show up completely late and still pass with better grades then me. I have seen students fail to turn in their final, which is counted for almost half the grade, and still pass the class. In one class I had, out of 9 students only me and another student turned in our final, the teacher was dismayed about it, so I spoke up and told her that those who didn't turn in their final should and deserve a failing grade, not only was it fair but also ethical. I later was astonished that these students all passed. I had to work really hard for all of my grades and to see people just fly by is gross and sickening. I have witnessed how a women in our paralegal program was late to almost every class, and not just late but almost an hour late, she was placed in an internship and was hired. This is not cool for those of us who have been working extra hard just to prove we have what it takes to be a college student. Someone need to put a stop to the way Heald College is doing things. If anyone knows of a way to stop this insanity then email me at [protected] If we are paying top dollar for this education then we should get top dollar treatment.


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