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I am a retire college professor from a State accredit college. After I retire I taught two quarters at Heald "College". I quit after two quarters; the eduction quality is a joke at best. The cost to attend is outrageous -Heald charges more per year than the U C system charges. What Heald is stating that the units the students have taken at Heald will transfer to a State accredit college is 'iffy' at best. One thing Heald is an expert in doing is getting student loans. Why the government has not shut them down is beyond me.

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  • Ed
      Dec 10, 2010

    I agree completely. Everything this person says is exactly true. They exist "for profit" and suck the government's teats, taking advantage of the system. They recruit "students" that haven't a chance of graduating...homeless, parolees, mentally challenged...all for the aim of getting the financial aid the government so foolishly subsidizes...they should be shut down...indeed, what a scam...

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  • Yl
      May 15, 2011

    Professor123, I doubt that you are a retired professor. If you were, you wouldn't have written, "I am a retire college professor from a State accredit college." Heald has plenty of real problems. It doesn't need an impersonator to make up claims. If you are a student or former student, then you should come clean and tell your actual opinion.

    Educator4life, the things you say about the recruited students are true.

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  • Li
      May 30, 2012

    total and completely there with you on that

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  • Sl
      Feb 18, 2014

    @yll, That was a real professor that wrote that you dumb ###.. I really doubt you are even a professor from Sate accredit college.

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