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Heald Business College / Fraud/humiliation/discrimination

1 Hayward, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 510-783-2100

To whom it may concern: My name is Tishay Wright. I am a student at Heald Business College, in Hayward. I joined Heald back in July of 2008. My area of study is Administration with emphasis on Accounting. When I decided to go to Heald I was really excited about it. I couldn’t wait to hear what the teachers were going to be teaching. I was even excited about meeting new people. Unfortunately, my first week of school was very disappointing. I have a teacher, who doesn’t teach. He wants to talk about politics and tell the class who to vote for in year’s election. Before beginning the class, Mr. Lodgson, told the class: “I know that African Americans are excited about an African American running for president, but please keep in mind that McCain has served this country.” By half the class being African Americans and the other Hispanic we were pretty pissed by his statement. I also have a grandfather who has served this country. He’s a survivor of Pearl Harbor; I asked him should he run for president also? Where I come from politics is something that stays within the household. Heald is so used to students fresh out of high school; who don’t realize or pay attention to allot of things. They don’t know how to treat us as we are: adults. They feel they need to have a hip relationship with the students, in order to fit in, saying wuss up; which is a hip phrase for saying hello. In the hallways, giving high fives, at times they even try to dress like the students. News flash; there not meant to fit in, but to teach. My education is very, very, important to me. Weather I’m fresh out of high school or not, which I’m not. I have been talked down to by the Director of Academic Affairs. I have been told that men who know how to coordinate their clothes are gay, by the same teacher who tried telling us who to vote for. I have been forced to do a survey on a teacher, who has never taught me. I have been threatened by the Enrollment Director; who called me out of class, during finals to take a test. A test that was not that important, it was just that staff forgot to have me take it when I got enrolled. She told me if did not take it I would be kicked out of school. I asked could it be taken after class, she said no. It had to be done now. I told her I wasn’t doing it now because I was testing and I walked away. She gives me dirty looks in the hallway now. I have an issue with my skin where as I need to wear cotton clothing. My doctor has given the school notice in regards to my situation and that they can contact her with any questions or concerns. The LRC (learning recreation center) teacher knows my condition; he was the first to know of it. He asks that I don’t come in the LRC if I have on jeans. So I can’t study and receive help if I need to. I was a straight “A” student, but that has changed. The classrooms are so disruptive it’s ridiculous. They have received so many complaints do to the noisiness. I have tried talking to my teacher, but it doesn’t help. I went to the Director of Academics who told me they can find quiet spots for me to work. That’s unfair to me and the others who are going through this. To top it off they have pushed me through Algebra this quarter. I have not attended algebra more than five times. I have never stayed in for a full class. I have been so stressed out behind getting put out of my Accounting class, which I couldn’t focus on it. I already don’t know too much about it and wasn’t able to focus due to the stress. My teacher says at a “B” average, which is impossible. I have never turned in one assignment. They have lied about my grade, because in order for funding to continue students need to keep a 2.0 grade average. Teachers are given answers to exams and lying about homework turned in. I am afraid for my education at this point. Right now my concern is with me and my education I’m trying to receive. I have been taking out of classes because that’s there way of resolving the issue. By them doing this, it has set back my graduation date. I have goals that I am trying to reach. There isn’t another school in Hayward that I can attend, but Chabot Community College. I am already in my fourth quarter at Heald, which is a private school. So, it doesn’t operate like Chabot does. I have even tried talking to corporate, Buck Garrett, the President of Academic Affairs. He answer wasn’t any help either. He wants to justify the situation, not even talk about it. There is so much more. I want to sue the school for Harassment and Emotional Distress. I am writing to you for help with finding an attorney that can help me sue my school.

Thank you,

Tishay Wright

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  • We
      16th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    absolutely nothing in your message suggests that you are entitled to any money from anybody.
    geeesh, Obama voters..

  • Le
      31st of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    Hi, my name is Leslie, I am attending the Heald here in Stockton, CA, I know I am getting back with you so late, but I understand what you went through with this school, because I am going through the same thing. So did you ever sue this school or have you graduated and moved on to another school.. Let me know because I have problems with this school as well..

    Thank you, Leslie

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