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All the other reviews that you will find for Atlas service are either fake or from people who have not filed claim.. If you were to file a claim wth HCCMIS/ATlas.. They will respond to you after a year when the hosptital were to already send the matter to collection.. the whole turn around period has been around 1 year.. They denied the claim after 1 year of beating around the bush stating “ This condition is not covered due to Pre-existing limitation". It had no further communication what so ever.. Don’t even explain what pre-existing conditions are.. HCCMIS – Atlas program is really a horrible program from a hoorible company.. there s no point buying an insurance when you need it its not there even though you pay so much.. .. They will keep saying we have not received paper work from hospital only after a year they will say we have rejected the claim.. I will try to dispute charges with AMEX and see how it goes..

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  •   Sep 21, 2012


    My name is Muhammad Yasin, I am a client advocate for HCC Medical Insurance Services. I am sorry to hear that you are having a hard time with the product you purchased from us. We cover over 140, 000 people every year with our Atlas product and take our customer service very seriously. I would like to offer my assistance and will be sending you a private message with my direct email address.

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