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I went today, 13th of December, to Harvey Norman Liverpool Orange Grove- Bathroom section with the intention to buy a toilet suite with an in-wall cistern. I have been waiting about 30 minutes and no one came to offer me assistance. Looking around for someone to help, I saw the shop assistant, a Chinese looking man working on a computer. I asked him for help and he told me to wait him finish entering some prices. After about 10 more minutes of waiting, I observed him leaving the computer desk and approaching other customers. I gave her another about 5 minutes. In this time he didn't even look at me, or excuse himself or reassure me that he will come to help me. I approached him and ask if there is anyone else available in the store. He looked at me pretty strange, like it was OK for me to be ignored for 40-45 minutes. He didn't even say sorry or explain himself. He was just looking at me stragely, like it would be something wrong with myself. I left the shop visibly upset and rang Harvey Norman main office on [protected]. I said I want to make a complain about a service I had in one of Harvey Norman stores. I have been transferred to speak with an young lady (judging from the voice). First she insisted few times that Harvey Norman doesn't have any stores in Liverpool, Orange Grove. After explaining her that I have been shopping at this store for years and they have furniture and electrical sections, she 'corrected' me that the shop is called Liverpool store, not Liverpool Orange Grove. I explained her that I called to complain about the customer service I had at the bathroom section. After listening to my story she said she will look for someone to help me and she put me straight away on hold. I didn't know what she means 'for help'. She kept me on hold for about 5 minutes, and then she asked me to go back on store, because she spoke with the shop assistant and he will help me. I couldn't believe what she was telling me and I wasn't sure if she was joking or this was her resolution to my complain. I told her that I am not begging Harvey Norman to accept me as a customer and I am not happy with her resolution and I will complain again about the experience I had today at Harvey Norman. She threw me an 'ok', like 'I don't care'.
It was very sad, considering that I bought more than half of the products I have in my house from Harvey Norman. Definitely the shop it's not any longer what it used to be and the customers are not valued. In this case, we shouldn't be surprised that the shops are empty.

Thank you for your consideration.

Kind regards,
Mihaela El Azzi, [protected]

Dec 12, 2017
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  • Je
      Dec 13, 2017

    did you bring a Stool as well Ms Whiney Wingebag?

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  • Po
      Dec 13, 2017

    If the representative finding you an associate wasn't satisfactory, what resolution were you looking for?

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  • No
      Jan 12, 2018

    What is surprising is that Gerry Harvey would hang his name on the two uneducated, arrogant [censor]s above, who obviously work there & after reading so many complaints & bad customer service reviews, how can he ignore them.

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