Harvey Norman / customer service re wolf blass wine offer

I attended Harvey Norman Griffith Store with my 92 year old mother, on Saturday 28/7/2018, as she was looking to purchase a 32 inch TV with built in DVD.
We were directed to an AKAI 32 HD combo built in DVD which had a promotion notice on the top right hand corner re the Wolf Blass wine bonus.
We enquired as to the best price and were advised $375.00. While mum and I considered the price the salesperson went to attend another customer.
Once mum decided to purchase the TV the salesperson referred us to another salesperson to complete the purchase transaction on his behalf.
At no stage did either salesperson advise my mother or myself that at this reduced price she would no longer be eligible for the wine bonus offer.
Mum paid for the television and we left the store with her new purchase.
A few days later we realised mum had not received the wine bonus offer, as she lives 110km from the store we decided we would attend the store when next in Griffith and obtain the Bonus offer.
I attended the store today with the receipt for purchase, mum was in the car having just been released from Hospital. When the salesperson we had first dealt with attempted to register the Bonus Offer he advised me it was not available as the purchase price was below the Bonus offer requirements.
I advised both salespersons we had dealt with on the day that they both should have advised us of the reduction in price negating the Bonus offer so an informed decision could have been made at that time. Neither person seemed to be concerned about there lack of professional conduct so I advised them I would not make my intended purchases today from Harvey Normans, they both became very smug making comments which only reinforced my decision to no longer deal with this provider.
It is a pity such salespeople are permitted to drag the once good business name of Harvey Norman into the mud and I can only imagine how good this business would be if salespeople such as these were weeded out and customers were provided with good customer service and all the required information was provided to enable consumers to make an informed decision.

Aug 07, 2018

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