Harvey Normancustomer service

I bought a ring door bell pro kit from Harvey Norman Fyshwick store (in Canberra) for my new house about 5 months ago (June 2018). The kit just sat in my drawer for almost 4 months before my new house was ready. A professional electrician installed the door bell for me in my new house about 3 weeks ago. I started to set up the door bell two weeks ago but found it did not work. I then got the electrician to come back to check. He found the fuse was blown, then he found the Ring power adaptor coming in the kit is faulty. The output voltage of the power adapter is supposed to be 16-24 volts, but the one I got outputs 28V which blows the fuse! I then went to the Harvey Norman Fyshwick store to try to get a replacement or repair, but what happened next is the worst customer service I've ever received. The guy in the shop is very rude and said it is my fault because 2cm wire wrap at one end of the power adaptor cable has been removed by my electrician. I explained to him that this is what it should be in order to install the Ring product, and also 2cm-wire-wrap-removal has nothing to do with the over-voltage issue, but he insisted that I have modified the product so that all warranties have been voided; they will not replace or repair the product for me. But without installing the product, how do I suppose to know the product is faulty???

I m so disappointed by Harvey Norman!

I contacted Ring company (based in US) today and explained the issue to them. In just 2 minutes, they admitted the issue and then arranged to ship a new power adaptor to me. While I m happy with the Ring's customer service, I want to say "Shame on you, Harvey Norman!"

Nov 28, 2018

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