Harvard-ConsultingBad service

Dom Scolieri contacted me for a recruiting positon with his company Harvard-Consulting. Which by the way they are NOT a true 'consulting' company. They are actually a spam recruiting agency and appears setting themselves up to be a very dirty one - at that.

Burn em and turn em, hard core, no name, just give me the money..., recruiting agency.

Their only client, when I met with them, was Perot. Not many people like working for perot.

I found when meeting with Dom, he did not know recruiting at all. He use to be an IT guy 10 years ago. I guess when he could not find work after 9/11, he tried recruiting, then could not do that, then tried to hire recruiters and had a high turnover in his old office.

I was not interested at first and turned him down.

He called back, and to get me out to San Bernardino, CA (the boonies) he quoted a base pay of 45K. He stated they had plenty of money to pay people.

However, when the offer contract came I was only offered 36K - Bait and Switch, big time.

I tried to correct him and make him live up to his verbal commitment he previously quoted to get me to meet with him. I kept hearing him say in my head "we have plenty of money, the base is not a problem."

Well, Mr Dom Scolieri threw it back on me, and declined to hire me for the base compensation he quoted to get me to meet with him. A very dirty pool man wouldn't you say. But he's really smooth.

Mr. Scoleiri threw it back on me stating; all I wanted was the base compensation and that makes me a recruiter whom cannot perform.

"Well, Mr. Scolieri, this is 'bait and switch' and is against the law.

I have over 15 yrs successful experience.

They are a spam recruiting company. I checked into his previous office people from resumes in databases. Mr. Scoleiri had a high turn over. Apparently, he does not know how to treat a staff.

He made several performance promises to me. Every time, he would get this to me and follow up, or a contract to me...

Then days later he apologized for not keeping his word - each time. I was getting very sick of - breach of promises and performance. Each time he never performed in the manner he stated he would. Ya, this is a guy who can run a staff of recruiters. I give it a year and non of the recruiters will work out. But, go for the quick base now during hard time. Just keep looking for a job the whole time or you will end up unemployed with no prospects.

No wonder this guy could not get back into his IT career. He probably had a bad rep utation of performance.


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