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Harlem Furniture / Harlem won't fix my bed, they broke!

1 215 Gary Ave.Bloomingdale, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 630-539-3200

I bought a nice expensive bed from Harlem about $4800. dollars in dec. 2005 had it delivered to my home in shorewood Ill, and the delivery guys came and delivered it. I moved in Jan. 2008 and while I am getting ready to moved packing up my things I go to take my bed down with my 2 brothers we noticed that we could not get the canopy part off the top of the bed because the Harlem delivery crew put up the top corner wrong they broke the top corner piece and did not tell me, so they decided to make some new holes for the top pillar damaged it and so call put the bed together right. We noticed it was wrong when we could not get top part off the pillar. We finally got it off and found out it was broken they put it up wrong maid new holes for it. I called Harlem where I bought it and told them what happened and they said they will email customer care and someone will get back to me, never herd from them. I moved 1 day later and went into the store and talk to the manger (Majed Abu Ajameyeh) and showed him the top corner part of the canopy I had brought that piece with me to show him and you can simply see that they put there on holes in it and turn it upside down. The manger (Majed Abu Ajameyeh) said he will send a email to customer care. I waited 2 weeks no phone call, call again talk to same person the manger said he does not know why they have not contacted me yet sent another email, waited again 3 weeks no phone now it's the end of April. Now granite my $5000. dollar bed is on the mattresses on the floor because my canopy can not go back on top and the top corner piece can not go back on top because it's broke from Jan. 20 -- still on the floor $5000. I went back in now this time talk with the store manger(Nick Morgan) he sent and email right while I was there, a few days latter I get a phone from CC and said there is nothing they can do for me because I did not purchase an a extended warranty and the one year warranty is expired. I told her it does not have anything to do with an extended warranty I did not brake nothing your workers broke my bed day one, and did not tell me so I would not have known until I turned the bed down to move it, that is the only way you would've know if the bed was broken so can the bed be fixed she said there is nothing to be done on her end so I ask can I speak to her boss and she said she will tell her boss to call me so far never received a phone and it has been two weeks now the middle of may and my $5000. bed is still on the floor Harlem could just fix the piece and been done I have spent all together about $12000. with Harlem F. and this is the kind of thanks I get. Mr. Walker Roselle IL


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