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Hanson's / Improper, shoddy gutter replacement

1 Toledo, OH, United States

I contracted with Hanson's to put on a new, life time guaranteed roof and new gutters. The salesman was a bit pushy, but most of what he said made sense. The roofing team, as with everyone else, was a subcontractor. I was given a start date, so I stayed home from work and waited. They never showed. Lori from Hanson's call the next day to ask how the roof work was going. What roof work??? The next date I was given they did show up. I must say that the crew I had went straight to work, taking time to protect plants and other items in the year. I was nervous that they were going to gouge me for a bunch of new wood on the roof, but they never asked for a dime. The crew worked very hard all day, no 3 hour break times or anything. They had to come back the next day but once they were done, I really liked what they had done. Great guys. Now on to the gutters. Was given a start date. Never showed. I lost a half days pay. Given another date, no show. More pay gone. Given a date but I decide to go to work. To my surprise the gutters are up and the crew gone when I get home. Big mistake not being there. Tried to upload photos but this site wouldn't do it. Anyway, the first thing I noticed is that the metal fascia brackets are sitting on top of the roofing material, which means there are now holes in the brand new material. Not one other house in my neighborhood, and I drove up and down the street to check, has the brackets visible on top of the roof. Point One. Point two, went around to the back. Same issue with the brackets on top of the roofing material. However, and this took me about 30 seconds to figure out, is that the gutter itself in sloped from left to right, when looking at it. The downspout is installed on the left corner of the house. Now I'm not the professional, but shouldn't the downspout be placed at the lowest end of the slope, as opposed to the highest? We also found a bucket full of cut aluminum, long screws, brackets and other items lying about the yard. Hanson's calls and asks how good was the gutter install. So I tell them what we saw. She says, "Oh, sorry to hear that, I'll get in touch with our gutter people and we'll contact you with another date to come out and fix it". She then proceeds to ask me for the finally payment on the job. Are you kidding me I said. When the job is finished I will pay you. She says well, technically the job is "for all intent and purpose" completed I needed to pay. However, if you'd like to hold some money out until it is fixed, you can pay everything but $700". I've missed almost a full day's wages, am still cleaning up the yard, and have gutters that could have been installed by me. From the sounds of it I'm screwed, although I work for attorneys, and if this drags out I will be using them. If you can guarantee that you would get the roofing crew we got, and the quote is reasonable for you, I'd say use Hanson's. But for anything else, do it yourself or get quotes from other. LOCAL, companies. Not a happy camper.

Jul 27, 2015

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