Hammonds Furniturecustomer service

J Oct 24, 2018

My installation was booked for today 24/10
The fitter turned up with a right attitude on him and really didn't want or seem interested in starting my job
As we had spent the last few days clearing the room in preparation the last thing was the bed which we were in the process of packing up.
He said he was leaving the property and refusing to install as the room wasn't clear!!! The bed would have been out of the room in under 10 minutes, in which time he could of either waited or started to bring in the boxes but no his attitude left my wife in tears and she asked him wait a few minutes but he shouted at her stormed off
Common sense surely would have been to hang fire for 5 minutes but in my eyes he didn't want this job as there was 64 boxes to carry up 2 flights of stairs
Now they have reappointed the install for 5 weeks!!! 5 weeks!!!
While my bedrooms are like a bomb site !!!
A £5000 order and I get this in return, my wife left in tears

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