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Its not a question but more of a complaint. This past mothers day was one of the worst days i could of had because my son was sick with a stomach virus i was sick with one, my fiance was sick with one and so was my older brother. Despite how sick my Fiance was he went to the store and got this hallmark card which there was limited selection where he went and the only one he seen that kind of related to how he felt was a very hurtful one for me to read.

It read " I wish i were the kind of man for whom romantic gestures were easy, but I'm not. For some reason, I've never been good at those kinds of things."

That was all i had to read and it broke my heart. As though i wasn't having a bad day already, i don't need to hear and on mothers day at that, about how my fiance cant be romantic or at least try a little to show some sweet gestures which don't require even buying anything but rather saying something sweet or leaving a cute note some place for me to find or something of the sort.

I think him going out and doing what he did for me was sweet enough and a romantic gesture and for that alone i am grateful. The card he had limited selection to choose from was wrong because no one not a boyfriend a fiance a husband or vise versa should EVER write in a card or a note or a letter an excuse as to why they cant try even when it is hard for them because love has no boundaries. It is about sacrifices, going out of your way to show someone how you truly feel for them through words, romantic gestures, simply spending quality time with them, doing the little things that matter that mean the most. This card was an excuse, a way out of something they don't want to do for their wife but with hope that a few extra words after to sweep them off their feet like, "That doesn't mean my love for you is any less" or I look at you, and i see a wonderful mother, a supportive partner, and the only person i could ever imagine spending my life with". would justify the lack of effort they put into their relationship and excuse them from it and try to make the way they are better because us women are supposed to just KNOW that the men care by reading their heart. We aren't supper heroes and unfortunately when theres no words to go with how someone feels or romantic gestures or anything, there is no way to understand how someone truly feels.

This card should be taken off the market and trashed because it is horrible. Who ever came up with it was wrong for doing so.
My Fiance didn't ruin my day anymore then it already was, Hallmark did and this stupid pathetic card.

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  • Wo
      May 14, 2012

    If this is a real complaint, you need to reevaluate your life and fix some things. Sorry your gift card didn't tell you how awesome you are. They must have been out of, "Happy mother's day to my PSYCHO wife" cards. Because I'm pretty sure that's the one he would have bought if he could have.

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  • Ma
      May 14, 2012

    First of all, if you didn't read the rest of the card you shouldn't complain, maybe there was a cute message inside. Secondly, what do you expect when he goes to buy a card at the last minute?

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  •   May 14, 2012

    There are classes to cultivate sensitivity, are there any de-sensitivity classes to groom the desensitizing of emotionally overwrought emos?

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  •   May 15, 2012

    What in the world? What do you expect he waited till the last minute to shop. You should be mad at him not Hallmark.

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  •   May 25, 2012

    and your wonderful fiancee bought this "pathetic card" ? blame him - not hallmark. he obviously has bad taste, in more ways than picking out the appropriate card for mothers day...

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