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I used to work at Hallmark. I was a vender at Hallmark. One of the companies I was a vender for was CVS. At CVS there were two female employees, one about 17 who looked and dressed like she was in her twenties, another who was elderly. I was fired because these ladys accused me of sexually harassing the 17 year old. I was just shopping his day and they made rude comments about me when I asked the cashier whom I thought was 20 out for a date. I told her that I am CEO of Hallmark and I find her attractive and make lots of money. I gave her my phone number and asked her to call me sometime. She told me she was not interested. I told her that she is very beautiful, has big breasts and asked her what size bra she wears. She then ripped my slip of paper on which I gave my phone number on and her and her friend made rude degrading comments about me. I often sell to your company I am a vendor. The next thing I know security was called and I was asked to leave the store. I left the store not wanting to shop there anymore. I filed a complaint with the manager and the manager said that I am not welcome to the store and they informed Hallmark that I was sexually harassing his employees. Hallmark claimed they did an investigation and I was unfairly fired.

Seriously even if I was sexually harassing that slut which I was not I was not working but shopping that day. Also that 17 year old's father needs to whip her butt and not allow her to dress like a tramp because then she is asking for it. Tell that little tramp I am not interested in her anymore. She may be beautiful but she is a rude ###.

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      Apr 29, 2012

    If she worked there, she must have been wearing a uniform. So how could she be dressed like a slut?

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