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Below is a cut and paste of what I shared with publix.
All this because of your directives for a bogo card sale?

Yesterday 05/10/2017 I had a very awkward situation at fact practically a fist fight. I went into publix to purchase a mother's day card and milk. I approached the register with 3 cards and a gallon of milk. The cashier patricia politely told me there was a sale on the cards, buy one get one, and suggested I get another card. Of course I decided to take advantage of the sale and went back and got another card. I had two cards @ $3.49 1 @ $5.99 and 1 @ 6.99. I don't usually pay attention to how much cards are, but for the purpose of this situation it is important. When I came back to her register and she rang up the sale, I expected to be charged $3.49 for 1 bogo and 6.99 for the other. But that is not how she rang it up. I was looking at the customer screen and noticed she charged me $5.99 and $6.99. I said "that's not right" and told her what I had expected based on the bogo. Patricia said "well that's the way i'm doing it". I was taken back because I come here all the time (Two to three times a week) and I knew this cashier from publix. I said "you're in a mood". And it was apparently on. I don't recall all that she said, but two impatient customers decided to get involved and began yelling at me, I told them to mind their own business. The cashier smirked at me. So I said, "you know what, take off the two most expensive cards and i'll come back thru your line again. This way I will get the biggest discount, which is the point of a sale. She scowled at me and made another comment, I said just do your job. My fist order is processed and I hand her the 2 cards as a second order. Meanwhile, I am still being yelled at by the yelling customers. I swiped my debit card, which has a chip so it did not process correctly. The cashier said loudly and with attitude"it declined". Realizing what I did, I inserted the card and completed the sale and gave me my receipt.
As I was quickly digesting this I decided to talk to the manager about the bogo. I asked for the manager at customer service and jeff came right away. We stepped aside to talk. Although the cashier was not exactly polite, I am not looking to get her trouble. My concern was the sale, so I did not mention her rudeness. We all have bad days. Jeff began to explain to me that patricia rang up the sale the way hallmark had wanted it done. We were still talking when one of the people that had been yelling at me came into our conversation, yelling you don't treat women that way and that he was raised to respect women. This man about 35 or so got in my face so close that our bellies were touching trying to egg me on, and told me"you had better step off". Without moving, I said"you came up to me", and you will go to jail". He backed off and began yelling and whaling his arms while he was threatening me. And then he went outside. Jeff and I looked at each other and jeff said he didn't see that coming. I said I didn't either. Jeff apologized a couple times and offered a refund. I declined. That wasn't the point. Fair is fair and I did end up with the proper discount. As I went to leave I said to jeff, and now I get to go outside and likely have a fight. Jeff said nothing is going to happen and watched me walk to my car. We were both caught off guard. I do suspect that if jeff had intervened with this nut, violence would have occurred.
As an afterthought, I would appreciate the irate person who inappropriately touched me and threatened me in front of the manager, not be allowed back in the store.


Robert gaeth-barlow

May 11, 2017
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      31st of May, 2017

    I just got back from Publix at the Shoppes of Lithia - 3461 Lithia Pinecrest Rd - Valrico, FL, 33596-6302 (my regular store) with practically the exact same problem (minus all the attitude). I had 2 cards at $2.00 each and 2 cards at $4.99 each. They only gave me credit for $2.00 and $2.00 (Total $4.00). When I pointed out that my credit should be $2.00 and $2.50 (Total $4.50), the young man said "We only take off the lowest two card prices." Well, I'm not going to fight over 50 cents while my ice melts, so decided to complain in writing instead. So what he is saying is that if I had 2 cards at $2.00 and 2 cards at $7.99, I would only receive credit for $4.00 not $10.00????? I KNOW darned well that is NOT how a BOGO coupon is supposed to be applied (Hallmark or any other brand). It's just another example of Publix corporate greed. So I guess I will also make separate trips through the line for each card set purchased. Fooled me once, shame on you, fooled me twice, shame on me. Paula H.

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