Hairclub of Haupauge NYI am being sued by hairclub after canceling my contract

V Jun 12, 2017

After being a hair club member for 3 years I decided it was time to let my hair grow out . The glue was starting to really irritate my scalp to the point where I would get really bad infections . I approached Hank the owner and told him my situation and that I chose to cancel my membership he told me I would have to pay for the next 3 months which I did 8 months later I get a notice In mail that he is suing me for the remainder of my contract 9 months x 429 month I couldn't believe it ! I left on good terms paid the 3 months like he asked I only got services no new hair in in fact the last month I didn't even go I took hair off myself mailed it back and I still paid for the month ! I will call corporate office I don't understand how he thinks he can rip people off like this Hank is very dishonest . My monthly fee was 429 and he asked if I can pay cash this way he wouldn't have to pay corporate fees and in return he would give me extra services I even paid 2500 membership fee in cash . My husbands coworker went there and experienced the same thing Hank sued him in court after he gave him written notice of cancellation he got 850 from him and at end of court session he said to him with smirk on his face sorry pal you should have sent certified mail then laughed in his face .How does this man sleep at night I would never recommend Hairclub to my worst enemy

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