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Hair Cuttery / hair color

1 Romeoville, IL, United States

On October 10, 2016 I walked into Hair Cuttery in Romeoville, IL. There is 2 locations about a mile from eachother. I've never had a problem with either location and all the stylists usually do a wonderful job with my bleach blonde highlights and cut. I haven't been there in a while and showed one of the stylists a bleach blonde I wanted throughout my hair with low lights in between. She guaranteed me it she can do it since I already had bleached highlights. The day of my appointment I was 10 minutes late since I was stuck on the expressway coming 33 miles to the salon. I called and she said that was fine. When I got there I waited 50 minutes before she took me because she took a walk in and took her sweet time. After waiting, the stylist Ariella finally took me. She dumps bleach all over my head with no lowlights and puts conditioner all around the edges of my skin which I didn't like. I'm guessing so the bleach didn't stain my skin since she seemed careless. It was uncomfortable and greasy. When she was applying the bleach, the stylist next to her needed help cutting ng some ladies hair so she stops the beach process and helps the girl cut the ladies hair for 6 minutes and comes back to finish up the bleach. As the bleach sits, she takes another customer to cut his hair. In the middle of his haircut, she just stops and doesn't tell the man anything to rinse the bleach out of my hair. He looked dumbfounded as he watched her rinse my bleach out. She then tells me to sit tight with my head hanging for 15 minutes in the sink so she can finish the man's haircut and get the toner ready for my hair. It was so uncomfortable and unprofessional. After all the washing and rinsing the toner, she starts cutting my hair. Another rookie stylist then messes up on some guy's line up and he complained for 20 minutes that he looked like a peanut head and to shave his whole head bald. My stylist, thinking she can rescue the man's hair cut stops cutting my hair and starts cutting this man's hair. For 15 minutes I waited with wet hair half cut. The man then tells her to trim his beard. At this point I'm pist off and inpatient. I told the rookie stylist who was sitting there watching the girl try to fix her work to finish my hair. After she cuts and blow drys it, my hair is orange and gold on the top and bottom. I was furious. The other stylist there decided to add more toner. It still looked the same. 6 1/2 hours later I walk out with orange/gold hair. I did sign a complaint and went back the next day with the Salon leader Allison who said she can fix it. She made my hair all one color but it was not bleach blonde at all. All my pretty highlights were ruined. It looked like I went to the store and bought a box dye and did it myself. I was so upset. She told me to keep using the purple Matrix shampoo everyday and it would lighten my hair dramaticall. Well, a week later I felt so ugly and insecure because my hair looked like a bronze so I called the Salon Leader Allison and told her I wanted a refund. She said come into the Salon that's in Lockport, IL since she ran both Salons and was in that location that day so she can see my hair. When, I got there she told me it wasn't that bad and couldn't guarantee me a full refund or a refund at all. I signed another complaint then made a complaint online and spoke with a representative on the phone and I received a phone call that I would be receiving a refund within 7-10 business days from the corporate office. Well, over a month later and nothing. I contacted the lady who said I was going to be refunded and left her a message and she calls me stating she forgot to fax my information over to the corporate office which she stated in the first phone call and even left me a message both times on my cellphone which I still have. So now I'm still waiting on my refund. If I don't get it this week, I will be contacting corporate office myself or whoever is in charge. The pictures below are before I walked into Hair Cuttery, after I walked into Hair Cuttery and the amazing results from my new stylist that Hair Cuttery couldn't execute. She's amazing and Hair Cuttery really needs to stop hiring these rookies because I've never had a problem with them and always talked highly of them but there was no one running that Hair Cuttery the day I went in and they were all rookies.

Hair Cuttery
Hair Cuttery

Nov 22, 2016

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