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Keep in mind...this was ayear ago and I have since left...however, the same thing is happening ALL THE TIME to other employees and it makes me sick. I was an employee for haircuttery for 6 years. Myself and a fellow employee were pulled to the back, bullied and written up for situations they felt "suspicious". Such things as...two occasions of receiving $10 tips. Really, they never received $10 tips? Making a mistake once or twice w/ changing the codes. Really? They never hit 100 instead of code 101? Let me tell you again, these were very RARE occasions of very HONEST mistake from 2 very hardworking, honest and loyal employees! THEY HAD PLANNED TO FIRE US OVER THIS!!! OH YES, and there's the 'magical man' on the phone, you must speak to, from supposed "loss prevention" from another state about all of this. He states there are "nanny cams" or "hidden cameras" in the store that spot these occurences...or the man in the car outside that notes all haircuts coming in and out of the salon. Really? The company is closing stores all over the country but they have people to pay to do this ridiculous job? The maintenance man they hired for us couldn't eve fix a sink, but they got all of this nonsense? HAIRCUTTERY TREATS THEIR EMPLOYEES LIKE IDIOTS WITH NO RESPECT AND BULLY THEM OUT OF A JOB. They lie and they DISGUST ME! For you carrying out these deeds in loss prevention to make a are just as horrible as the man/family that owns this company and allows this to happen (DENNIS RATNER). I only hope this gets out to others who have had the same experience and something is done about court! YOU CANNOT DO THIS TO YOUR EMPLOYEES AND GET AWAY WITH IT!

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      May 10, 2011

    I know how Chicagoland feels! I coul milk moneydn't agree with her more. They pride themselves on HC values and the rules only apply to some but not everyone. I guess that's how they got as far as they did by being a bully, kind of reminds you of the kid in school that bullies you for your milk money or your last cup cake. How many past employees have been tormented by bullies like this in the work place, I, myself have seen this SL in action, bringing people to tears! WHAT A SHAME TO GIVE THEM POWER111 THEY SHOUL.D BE DEMOTED1111111111111111111

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      Feb 12, 2013

    I agree with everything said, this company is so corrupt in their business practices that I would love to know how many times they have been sued! My story is a long one but basically started at asst. leader because it's the only thing they had open, I have over 24 years experience in management. Long story short the nightmare of a manager they hired when I turned it down left I decided to just take the position to save ourselves from another psychopath. of course I had to be put on a month action plan but when u r hired from the outside your fully trained and making managers pay right off the bat. Basically this manager did anything she wanted, charged what she wanted, got flagged in a audit for giving out wrong coupons, charged a customer for servives she didn't by 70, 00 and the company had to pay her back, have her friends come in and say they are family and pocket the money, all of this was reported to our boss, NOTHING WAS DONE!!! Why??? because she made stylist clock out if they werent busy and sit there at the salon until someone came in and then they clocked back in and did their hair, and then clocked back out. WHY???? so the company didn't have to pay them hourly wage, as managers we got in trouble if we had stylist on the non commission list for 2 pay periods. Well needless to say when I took over and my boss realized that I was not making my stylist clock out, why?? because its against the law!! Out of the blue one day I got fired!!! I made 2 mistakes, I applied a coupon for the incorrect service, and after working 2 hours over on a Sunday my partner closed out the drawer and left, and right before I put my stuff away my daughter had her boyfriend there and I lined out his forehead, took me 2 seconds, then I realized the drawer was closed and just thought I'll put in a couple bucks tommorrow, he didn't pay me, so I did not benefit from either of these!!! So 21/2 years of working my butt off with no asst. leader, no key holders, working on my days off and this is how they thank me. This clocking out thing is pretty much a un-spoken rule, and it's company wide. I would love to hear from anyone that had any issues like this, cause I'm pretty much gonna try to sue them!!!

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