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Hair Cuttery / no customer service

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It was a Sunday afternoon and I had called ahead of time around 1:00pm. I asked them if I were able to come in and get a relaxer. I knew you had to come 2 hours before for chemical processes so thats why i called ahead of time. They closed at 6pm. The lady was and indian lady but I didn't get her name. So I asked if there was anyone that could do them. At Hair cuttery everyone can not do relaxers which is very racist to me. It is a shame I have to call a hair salon before I come where people have their licenses and ask if someone can do a relaxer. So since it was so late of a time I asked her if I could make an appt. for that time so there wouldn't be any discrepancies, of course she told me now they only accept walk ins.

Anyways I asked her if I could come in now she told me no come in around 4:30. I came in there around 4:15, of course the girl that I taked to on the phone had already left. To make a long story short the girl at the front desk said I couldn't get my hair done. She told me there were quite a few people in front of me and she doesn't think I would get seen. She didn't even asks the stylist or even try to compensate me. I told her the whole situation and how I would have come in earlier but the lady told me to come in later and she simply said oh well she isn't here. She was very rude. I told her about how I asked to make an appointment, she said oh she probably said that because you can only make an appointment with our master stylist and that is extra money.

I informed her that I had the money that isnt the problem. If she would have informed me of that choice I would have taken it. It was almost an insult as if I didn't have the money?! I asked for a manager and she said that there isn't one but she would be there on monday. I knew that was a lie because there is always someone in charge. But that day I didn't get my hair done I was compensated for the losses in anyway. I was very upset and all around it was just poor customer service. I will never go to hair cuttery again. To put the icing on the cake I saw a couple different white people go in there and they were able to stay and get their hair done hmmmm...

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  • Ra
      1st of Feb, 2011

    Ok, I have gone to my local Hair Cuttery several times and was satisfied with the service. I went in yesterday and got the worst ever hair cut. My hair was hacked all into the layers on the right side and the left side was untouched. The long layers are still there and I feel like I am leaning to the left now. What a mess...I have to get it fixed but will NEVER go there again. Oh and by the way, it was the Assistant Salon Leader that cut it. I have had cuts from her before. Now, because we are in the middle of a snowstorm...they are closed. I would have gone down there to complain. Can't even find a coroporate office site to complain. DO NOT EVER GO TO THIS SALON!! Thanks for listening to my rant.

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  • So
      15th of Feb, 2011

    I have to agree with the last comment. It seems that everyone except management can cut hair. The manager at the Green Oaks location cant cut hair at all. She is also lacking in her customer service skills. After she butchered my sons hair i asked her to fix it and she wouldn't. So if anyone goes to the Oak Lawn location, please don't let Tasha cut your hair.

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  • Go
      20th of Apr, 2009

    I hate this company too. Nobody speaks english and this lady made me buy some 40 dollar product I didn't even want. She pressured me too much in front of others.

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  • Jo
      4th of Sep, 2013

    And they also don't let you have time off for a dying family member.

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  • Ma
      4th of Dec, 2008

    I cannot believe you complain about the commercial.
    I googled it because I wanted to know whoshe was!!! I think she is absolutly beautiful.
    And, I will now make it a point to go to Hair Cuttery.

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  • Ji
      9th of Dec, 2008

    Every single time I see this commercial I cringe. The actress looks like either a meth addict or anorexic/bulemic. Her teeth are gray like she has puked off the enamel and you can see her ribcage. It bothers me enough that I had to come on the internet to see if I was the only one. Please stop torturing me with this ad.

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  • Li
      6th of Feb, 2009

    Relaxers are specialty services and therefore the stylist has to have the experience in doing them, the right traing, and most importantly hands on experience. I can't tell u how many times i have seen some one mess up a relaxer b/c they thought they knew what they were doing. Also hair cuttery doesn't charge more for your hair just because of the color of your skin. Everything comes down to hair texture whether ur black, white, green or purple. You are pay for the technical skills of the stylist and the time it takes for him/her to do ur hair, plus u are also paying for the relaxer, color, perm solution used on ur hair that stuff is not cheap and it takes money to buy it. Also, thick, coarse, curly hair takes more time, experience, patience, & product than fine thin hair. These stylist get paid commision not an hourly wage, we have to make money just like u do and if we are taking an hour and a half to relax, wash, blowdry/rollerset/wrap, and/or flat iron your hair then we need to charge higher prices. But, the stylist should also quote u a price before they ever lay hands on your hair. As for being told at 4:15 that you couldn't get a relaxer well that was kind of wrong because there have been many times that i myself have taken a relaxer at 5 pm when we close at 6 and didn't get out until 6:30, and the hair was beautiful. And lastly don't judge us all because of then ignorance of a few, if no one calls the home office and says any thing this kind of thing will keep happening.

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  • Ha
      2nd of Mar, 2009

    I have to agree with the previous reply that relaxers are specialty services. We were all taught how to do them in school but some of our stylists have been out almost a decade and never actually DONE a relaxer. Not everyone does highlights either, it's not racist, it's a matter of different people having different skills. As for the lady telling you to come in at 4:30, if they take the last chemical service 2 hours before closing you should never have been told to come in after 4. You are also right that there is always someone in charge, but that person is not always the manager. They should still have taken the time to at least speak with you and relay the problem to the manager to get back to you later. (That's at least how my key holder & assistant leader have been trained.) As for the "white people" still coming in and getting service, as long as it is NOT a chemical service this is Hair Cuttery's policy. If the doors close at 6 pm we are required to sign in all clients that walk in before then, even if it's 5:59. That is why we cut off chemical services 2 hrs before closing, so that someone doesn't come in 15 minutes before closing for a color, highlight, cut & style and then we would be there 2 hours past closing time. And I again agree with the last reply that said don't judge us all because of the ignorance of a few. Sometimes it's an ignorant stylist (sometimes it's just a plain stupid one) but sometimes it's corporate policy that we really have no control over. I do feel for you that you had a bad experience but you shouldn't let it deter you from all Hair Cuttery salons.

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  • Ha
      2nd of Mar, 2009

    Why is it ok to complain that someone is too skinny but if it were an obese person on the commercial and you commented on that you'd be insensitive. My biggest problem with the Hair Cuttery commercials is the models' hair. Both commercials both girls have had relatively stylish, but VERY SHORT cuts. I'd rather watch the Pantene or Fructise commercials with the girls that have the beautiful long, SHINY, healthy looking hair. It's no wonder I can't get half my clients off of these products, they're models have better hair than ours!!

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  • Jo
      3rd of Apr, 2009

    Hair Cuttery in Bowie, Md should be looked into their work ethics as well as discrimination towards handicapped clients for there "lure" of more money from another client is SHAME FULL! My Sister & I sat for 1 hour and 45 min. while the so called hair dresser kept telking us, "a few more minutes"...they are a group of un clean unprofessional...looking like crawl out of bed messes...NASTY PEOPLE...FILTY BATHROOM! ANY PLACE BUT THIS DUMP! THOSE DUMMIES DIDN'E KNOW I AVE A GIFT CERTIFICATE WITH $200.00 THA I NEEDED TO SPEND...OH WELLL...they lost big time...losers!

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  • Ge
      12th of Apr, 2009

    Racism will never end because of people like you.

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  • Rz
      17th of Jul, 2009

    I beleive that racism is a word that should not ever be used. You condemd a whole company on 1 stylist. well in my opion is that not a form industrial racism?
    Something does not go your way and you blame the world. personaly, I would want someone who knows how to do a relaxer to do it on me.
    I bet you never had to put up with 20 people like you in a day. I have and i tell you its not easy keeping your cool. Clients come in and are in a nasty mood and it the stylist fought that you are not happy. Well welcome to America a place where you have choices. Find a place to get your hair done and stick with the place . As for master stylist, they are the stylist that have 80 % request and are REWARDED with the right to take appointments and charge 2.00 more for a hair cut. Its called doing a great job and getting a raise.
    So before one judges, judge thy self first...

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  • Ja
      5th of Aug, 2009

    i want to buy a black sequice scarf like the model wears in the hair cuttery ad. any one know where I can locate one?

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  • Ta
      25th of Oct, 2009

    "You guys rock."

    Yes, I'm sure they appreciate having a complaint in this site for a simple spelling error.

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  • Iv
      3rd of Jan, 2012

    It's completely illegal to work off the clock, whether they tell you to come in 15 minutes to set up early or they make you clock out at nine to clean and count money. All meetings, if mandatory must be paid, as all training classes. I worked for a short time at a different chain where all of this happened, and the back pay they owe me could be worth quite the pretty penny if I wished to pursue the matter (I don't, I'm glad to be away from them, and chalk it up to a new hairdresser at her first job).

    I currently work for a chain that was part of a class action lawsuit in the early 2000's, and EVERYTHING we do is on the clock. We're paid seperately for our closing duties and given extra time (paid) to drop deposits at the end of the night. Our fifteen minute set up time is on the clock too. A mandatory meal break is provided if you're scheduled six hours and the computer won't let you clock in a minute early.

    One lawsuit against the biggest salon corporation in America changed some things for salon least not working for free.

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  • As
      12th of Jan, 2012

    Hair cuttery in Aspen Hill, Maryland
    It was monday january 9, 2012 i took my grandmother to get her hair done as usually . It was around 12 and 1 pm when i hear someone screaming in the back room, then a lady came out the room yelling and she said a bad word ([censored] u) and i ask other employees who was the lady and they told me is "the manager"Tania Obrain... wow that manager is not professional by the way she was treating her employees and how she is gonna be fighting with her employee in front of all the customers...
    My personal opinion is to change the manager or you guys will loose all your customers..

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  • Je
      25th of Oct, 2014


    My problem was at the location in the skylake plaza in North Miami Beach with a chick named Claudia.

    Let me start by saying it took me three years to grow my hair long AGAIN after another idiot years ago did the same thing at the same place (it was down to my butt) I came in with the intentions of getting my ends cut and came out basically bald!
    I came in and literally grabbed my hair told her this is how much I want cut off. And it was literally under 2 inches off. My hair came down to a v and I was pretty clear when I told her that I grew my layers out and I didn't want layers to just cut the ends. All she kept doing was complimenting how long and pretty my hair was and then She started to twist all of my hair over my face and I asked her what is this supposed to do and she says oh it's to cut the edges and completely chopped it off. Even the hairdresser 2 chairs over said she didn't listen to what I wanted. And when I cried she said I only cut 4 inches off. My hair is a chopped up mess, it looks like a 5 year old cut it and it is on my shoulders and layered, phrasing it better I am butchered. And as I was crying trying to hold my composure before I went off, she says well trust me your hair needed it. I am disgusted with these people.

    Now the customer service end, they do not care about it they expect me to go to another hair cuttery and have them cut off MORE to "fix" what she has done. Anyone who sees me laughs at my hair and my confidence is back to the floor. They won't even pay for extensions to cover up this disaster because of their incompetent employee. And they didn't even investigate the district leader (who called me after I called 5 times about this issue after 2 weeks) said oh yeah she did cut it short and didn't listen but we won't help because it's just hair. She sounded like some random hialeah idiot you find in the flea market. Yes it's just hair point is it was all chopped off, it's butchered and it took me three years to grow it .

    I will make it my goal to let everyone know my experience and post this everywhere. And also make sure everyone knows my experience and the "wonderful" customer service I got at the end. And even after that pointless call I got from her I wrote to customer service again about her incompetence and nothing.

    Save your money and state of mind. Spend your money on people who actually have skill and are not spiteful.

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  • Ra
      9th of Mar, 2015

    One of the worst customer service experience ever. First these guys lie to you and then have to wait for more than hours and after that take customers who come after you while overriding there system. I recommend everyone to NOT to go this Hair Cuttery place.


    2369 COTTMAN AVE

    I been a loyal customer for a long long time but after waiting an hour today... I walked out on them because they lied to me and my family. Stay Away from Hair Cuttery on Roosvelt Blvd is one of them.

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  • Ba
      23rd of Nov, 2008
    Hair Cuttery - paycheck not received and bonus check marked VOID
    Ratner Company
    Oak Lawn
    United States

    My last day of work for this nightmare company was 10-21-08. I have not yet received my paycheck from them yet, but what I did receive was my bonus check with Void written across it!! This company pays an hourly wage AND does NOT give lunch or breaks!! They actually get away with this bologne.

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  • 01
      25th of Oct, 2009
    Hair Cuttery - Spelling
    My self
    United States

    You guys rock. However on the website for altamonte springs is spelled wrong! It's Altamonte, not altomonte springs .

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