Hair Clubpolyfuse and hair loss

I have been a client of hair club for a number of years and during my years as a client i never noticed the situation which was about to come years later. When the use of polyfuse (Glue) would be applied to your scalp (Which your hair has been shaved down) and then the matrix system adhered the polyfuse would hold for a period of time, now to take the matrix system off your scalp the clinician applies a liquid and starts to pull and buzz the matrix off your scalp, leaving behind after years of doing this, what is known as traction alopecia, which is caused by a pulling force. If you have traction alopecia, your clinician will not tell you this, but you will notice a bright smooth spot on your scalp and when you touch this area it will feel smooth and you will not feel any hair nubs. This area will never grow hair back. You might notice it on the back of your scalp along the sides or even the front. If this sounds like you might have traction alopecia, please join me in a class action suit against hair club. You can e-mail me at: [protected]

Dec 30, 2016

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