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Habitat for Humanity / bad service

United States Review updated:
Someone said that after I told them about my Habitat for Humanity experience. I agreed to let Habitat use of my electricity and to store one trailer on my property while building three homes near my rental. I explained that I was advertising the property and May-September is the best time to sell or rent so I needed it to look nice for showings. I was assured there would be no mess. I am supportive of Habitat, having served on the Steering Committee to get it started in my community. I also served on several other Habitat committees and builds for years.

In June 2008 I went to the same representative who promised me there would be no mess, to vehemently inform her that many types of heavy equipment were brought through my yard, which I had not agreed to. They created deep ruts right up close to my house and all through the yard.

I have complained to anyone who would listen but no resolution so far. My choices left are to call a tv station problem solver type people, or get a lawyer to sue Habitat and the volunteer contractors who trashed my property.

Im happy three families will have a new start in life. I believe in volunteering and have been active in over 27 committees. Im also heartbroken that my property and I were treated with such disregard and disrespect. My hope is this will serve to get my yard restored or to get some good advice. I especially hope this will help future Habitat volunteers, commercial and individual, be more respectful of the neighbors.


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  26th of Feb, 2011
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they are a horriable organization, they will take and use what ever they can. My mother inlaw allow then to use her light and water- they destroy her walkway and fence- they still havent paid-
  2nd of May, 2012
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They are horrible, they lie and dont care about the families, they ONLY care about getting the families moved in and the money from the morgages but dont care about fixing things that need to be done. A few families I know who got a home with Habitat for Humanity have had nothing but issues with them, lies told, etc... I do NOT believe in them anymore NOR would I volunteer for them again
  31st of Aug, 2014
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You should try working for them. I worked in a "restore". There were seven employees and three bosses. A little topheavy, no? The store manager had temper control issues. On several occasions he engaged in shouting matches with customers on the sales floor. Other times he kicked the doors leading to the loading dock off of their hinges! And when he became angry, he stayed angry all day.

Then we had an assistant manager who rarely did any actual work. He sat on his overpaid, underworked rear end and bossed everyone else around -that is, when he wasn't busy taking fifteen smoke breaks per day.

And finally, the other assistant manager would go off on you if you didn't respond to his page within five seconds -a little hard to do when you're assisting a customer in a different part of the store (we had twenty thousand feet of sales space).

One day I tried to deal with oncoming heat sickness (the store gets over 100 degrees inside during the summer) by sitting in front of a portable air conditioner that the assistant managers get to bask in while not working, that assistant manager barked at me for DARING to try to find some relief from the heat. After seven long years of hell there, I had had enough of that crap and I walked out on them. For a "Christian" organization they sure have a lot to learn about the faith.

I hate Habitat For Humanity. I hate the corporate offices and their refusal to even look into situations like mine. I hate having been treated like sh*t by fools who couldn't spell "cat" if you spotted them the c and the t.
  6th of Jul, 2015
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Anyone who has complaints e.g who may work for them, has volunteered for them, has friends who they have worked on their houses for or those families who have been through HELL because of being so lucky to be chosen to build a house with them should go to the link above and file an official report asking for the organization they dealt with to be investigated.
H$H in one area I know of are awesome and actually build great houses and do sell them to their families cheap with no interest loans. But another H$H in an area close by is treating families like dirt and just wanting a lot of money and marketing from them. Be careful what you wish for, it may not be everything it seems and even with a nice house in the end is it really worth the mental abuse?
  21st of Aug, 2015
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Me and my fiancé have been trying to look for a home to rent for months now. We've been living here for 5 years paying $775 a month. It's a duplex. But now, we're more interested in a house. The neighbor we have now has severe boyfriend issues and it's very troubling. They fight all the time and very rough on the front door late hours of the night, slamming it from frustration. I've been tempted to call the police, but I'm really trying to stay out of it. The last I complained about a neighbor, all four of my car tires were sliced. So now I try to stay as far away from complaints as I possibly can, when it comes to neighbors. We've been searching on a site called Trulia trying to find a home for rent. But then I was thinking, the only thing about renting is, homeowners can change their minds and decide to sell the place and we'll eventually find ourselves on another search trying to find a home. So then, I thought about you guys. I remembered you'all from years ago. My church sponsored habitat when they first got started. I told my fiancée, I said, this is an organization that can be trusted. They are Christians. I called for an application, we filled it out and sent it back. He had spoken with the lady first and she told him that our credit was bad among other details. Well, today I called her asking her if she would repeat what she told my fiancée in case he left something out. In the conversation, she seemed very rude and interruptive..constantly cutting me off when I'm making a statement after she's already made hers. I felt discriminated against..not in a racial way, I don't thing. but because we' are renting instead of paying a mortgage. She was talking to me as if I don't know anything about buying a house sense I never owned one. I felt very insulted. I asked her, I said, "Is this a Christian organization?" She said yes. I said, "because the way you're talking, you sound like what Christians call "worldly." We may be in dept as far as things that has noting to do with important matters such as paying our rent and utilities. After living here 5 years, we've never missed a month in rental payments. Our utilities has never been interrupted. My fiancée has worked on one of his jobs for 12 years. His most recent is with Ruby Tuesdays as a cook. He's been there for 6 years. He's now at another ruby Tuesday in Brent Wood. That's because of such a short staff and he's one of their best workers. When he apply for a job, the company start his salary off more than the usual because of his work history. He's long-term. He knows how to hold on to a job.. As far as my credit goes, we're talking about many years ago. I now have a bank account and have borrowed money and paid them back several times owing them nothing now.. As the same with another financial lender.. My credit is good with these people. I just haven't borrowed anything lately because it hadn't been necessary.. To me, that's saying, God is a God of second chances. But I said to her. we will find a home. Through our prayers, the lord will bless us with one. I think people who are sincerely trying to do better, and are actually doing better, deserve a second chance of a blessed opportunity. I was just expecting this organization to be a little different from the way the world handle things. Because going to people who are not associated with Christ, trying to buy one of their homes, is a huge hassle. Especially when your credit isn't perfect. Now, I'm not at all offended for being turned down. I'm offended because of her attitude about it... Sincerely: Angela Simmons.
  31st of Aug, 2016
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I had a bad experience with habitat for humanity I completed an application at their Newburgh location and after been interviewed I received a denial letter because I have low income. I knew my income was in the guidelines so I contacted them and Milagros said she did not count part of my income because if my 14yrs old son leaves me it won't be counted. Horrible reasoning. No work ethics at all because she didn't want to count my legal income,
  21st of Feb, 2017
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we have been signed up for nearly 6 yrs & finally started getting hours a few months ago..everyone in this household has medical issues - this has a decent impact on putting hours in - one woman in particular, is a robot - no emotion whatsoever..she can't understand why medical issues have an effect on putting hours in..she says just get it done. WHY is someone so cold in a position that deals with the public?! she would be better suited to stay away from everyone! what- are people supposed to put hours in when they don't have the strength? how about from the doctor's office or their hospital bed?! NO COMPASSION! she acts like we're a waste of time & we aren't serious about building..part of the reason we're all sick is bc of where we live now! she doesn't have a family to take care of - just her ailing husband (i feel sorry for) - she's even cold about his situation! WHY do these people make a person feel like a criminal when obviously circumstances are out of their control?! CHRISTIAN BASED *RIGHT* i'm christian & i don't treat people like this!
  11th of May, 2017
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I have been mislead, threatened and down right taken advantage of by this predatory organization who has been mentally and emotionally raping me for the past 3 and a half years. Reason # 1 I did refuse to live in front of a junkyard with a half way house full of predators less than a block away or # 2 agree to take a rehab house that just might blow you and your family to hell cause the stupid contractors assistant don't recognize what a gas pipeline is I guess I'm supposed to let these people kill me and my family all in name Habitat. I have made a YouTube video showing and explaining what is happening to me right now if anyone out there can help me please reach out to me.
  30th of May, 2017
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@Willa Diggins I am sorry for what you are going through with these people. I too am now dealing with issues with them what should have been a $69, 000 house will now cost me almost $100, 000 with issues to numerous to count since day one and nothing being fixed by HFH. I at one time wanted to sell it but knew no one would by because where they put my septic looks like someone is buried in the front yard and the wiring had to be redone and I was told had yo be above ground (hideous). This has caused plumbing issues for the years I have been here resulting in several thousand dollars. I may lose my home, but it is my hopes to find more info to be able to serve others who having been taking by these people. I am in Tn and will gladly forward you any info I find that may help you and others.
  19th of Mar, 2018
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@Lisa Lyles I too have been taking by hfhmci. They are the worst. People need to start pulling together. These affiliates are way out of control. My house too has to many problems to mention and they refuse to fix them.
  30th of May, 2017
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It happened to me
  20th of Jun, 2017
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I have been in my habitat home for 15 years and my home has been paid off but now that my kids are older and I am disable southern crescent habitat for humanity in clayton county Georgia wants to take it back . Ms Brenda Rayburn the new CEO hasn't been back with habitat a whole month before she started trying to foreclose on everyone home on faith cove in college park. She had gotten in trouble for doing this exact same thing a few years back now she is back in the office doing the same thing again even though we have paper work showing there is nothing owed and we are the rightful owners they are personal taking money and putting it in their pockets for themselves and the receiving federal grant money at the same time these homes were paid for by hud but yet they are trying to charge us double this is supposed to be a non profit organization but at the same time they are calling themselves lenders but yet I don't have a lean on my home to support any kind of loan because i don't have one and never had one . What this so called organization is doing is highly illegal and Ms. Brenda Rayburn should be locked up and brought up on charges for the scam that she is running and when it all hits the fan she will get what's coming to her.
  10th of Jul, 2017
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I bought two wall ovens and a cook top from them and one oven heats up to 250 but eventually will heat up to 350 with the help of the broiler. the other oven does not come on at all. The cook top will eventually [ about 30 minutes give or take ] heat up enough to fry and egg. I'm afraid to go back out there because I've already complained about the first oven and the repair man cussed me to high heave all the way to my car and down the road. I am almost 80 years old and am not capable of defending myself against such people, but can not afford to buy another stove and oven. I hooked up all three and feel they should have to take out the bad ones and replace them this time or repair the ones they sold me. Believe me getting into the small area to install and replace these items is no fun and I shouldn't have to put in the third oven because they sell junk. The tag said tested. Don't tell them that though that's why I got chased down the road, I reminded them of that claim. Yes these items look great and if they worked as well they would be super.
  3rd of Nov, 2017
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Gee people...wake up. It's Jimmy Carters idea, enough said!! BAD IDEA. Liberals...BAD IDEAS, period.

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