H & M Hennes & Mauritz / customer service

Belgrade, RS

I made a purchase at the Stadion shopping mall in Braće Jerković, Belgrade, Serbia on Wednesday, November 22. Today, November 24, I made another purchase at the same store and I asked the store manager, Dušan about receiving the 20% off promotion for the current Black Friday sale on my purchase from Wednesday (two days ago.) I asked if I brought my receipt if he could adjust my total to reflect the sale. He told me that whatever was purchased before the sale should be forgotten about because this was a new sale and there was nothing he could do. I then said that they were in effect making us return the clothing and then repurchase it to receive the discount. I was told that I was free to do as I wish. Anywhere else in the customer-service-oriented world, they would be glad to honor the sale prices on a purchase only two days prior with the receipt. They are running the store like it is their own rather than H&M. What is the benefit of him making a customer return the items to the store and telling me that it's at my discretion to purchase them again, and risk me, as a customer not purchasing them again simply due to the hassle? When I asked, the store manager gave me the number to speak with Vladimir Ilić [protected].) When I phoned him a male answered and told me that he was not Vladimir and that he could not transfer me and I would have to call back. When I did, the line repeatedly rang with no answer. It seems a convenient way of screening phone calls and not actually addressing customer service problems. The items that I purchased were gifts for my children for Christmas, so they haven't been worn or even had the tags removed, but regardless, this treatment shows that all patrons are viewed as crooks. If you doubt my assesment of the situation, take a look at the policies of Macy's, J C Penny, or Kohl's just as examples, and you will see how their policies empower employees to provide good customer service that ensures those customers will return to shop repeatedly in their stores.
Tiffany Marinković

Nov 24, 2017

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