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To whom it may concern:
In the month of June I have visit for the first time a Gymboree Store I went inside the Store and I told the attendance that it was my first time in the Store and she help me fine some Cloth for my niece and her friend, I work very hard to get my money so I try to spend wisely this day I have bought 2 outfits for my niece and friend and I was around $80.00 worth in merchandise and the employee told me if you spend $20.00 more dollars you will get $50.00 dollars in merchandise if you come back from the 12-17 of July, so I went back and complete my purchase for $105.00 she never said you need to spend $50.00 more to get $50.00 so I was very dissatisfy when they told me today I need to spend more money to redeem my coupon, this is not right employees are to inform customers in the correct way. Melissa was her name in Westfield Citrus Mall at Tampa. She even write on the coupon the amount of money I cut redeem on July never mention is a promotion if you spend more money and I ask her twice. Today I have spoke to Asst Manager April that apparently stated that she was new and did not know how to solve the problem she have call The Manager over by a phone and the manager Melissa told me to read the Coupon when I was really trying to explain why I was unhappy with the Company and how they give wrong information. My Name Is Emily Figueroa cal # [protected] please get back to me I really like the Store and It will be sad to avoid going to the Store. I have my ticket and coupon if needed.

Thank you in advance

Jul 12, 2016

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