GWMunethical behaviour

We purchased a new vehicle from GWM Alberton in March last year. All went well up till now. The vehicle started overheating end of January of which we took the vehicle to GWM Boksburg immediately to have the problem sorted out. The also advised that they will do the 15000 km service as the it was less then 1000 km away. We received the vehicle back and all seemed well. The 3rd of March the vehicle lost power, did not want to idle and we had the vehicle towed to Boksburg GWM again to have a look at the problem. My husband informed them that he does not think this is appropriate and he would like the vehicle to be changed with a new vehicle as all trust has been lost in the reliability of it. They informed him that he should take it up with the dealer we bought the vehicle from and so we did. Without any success from the Sales Manager I decided to contact the dealer principal and she advised that the situation is being attended to. She contacted me back informing me that the warrantee claim was rejected due to bad workmanship on the work that was done end of January. GWM Bokburg managed to get the claim approved and is insisting that we collect the vehicle after we have requested the vehicle to be exchanged with a new one numberous times. The only communication that was received was via email and the Dealer Support Manager was CC'ed in all correnspondence but no efford was put in to resolve the query. The problem that we are facing is that the warrantee of the vehicle is now in question. When will the vehicle break down again with warrantee already rejecting claims on bad workmanship. I do not feel that it is fair to expect us to pay for a NEW vechicle but constantly worring about breakdowns. We do not expect GWM to refund us as my husband likes the brand and understand that there is possibilities of "dut" vehicles in the market and suspect that this is one of them. Please can you assist to get this sorted out as it will be 3 weeks this Friday that we do not have a vehicle and this is causing a huge inconvenience for us.

Mar 22, 2017

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