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Just wanted to let everyone know we lost 1000.00 on to a coder that lacked integrity. The most shocking thing was the fact that allowed the coder, who they knew failed to uphold the project agreement and lacked integrity. This is the email that was posted by a manager named Stacy Norman.

"Good afternoon. I am the Manager of the Dispute Resolution Department at Stacy Norman is the Manager of User Support & Operations. I understand that you are uncomfortable with the Blocking Power feature on and that you would prefer if our review system was more like vWorker's. I do appreciate your thoughts and suggestions on the matter, but we have no plans to alter our feedback system or eliminate the Blocking Power feature from our site. We chose to create a feature that sets us apart from other freelance marketplaces. Based on what we offer, it is up to you to decide if we are the best fit for your outsourcing needs. If we do not fit your needs, I am sorry that we will lose you as customer. If you decide to continue sourcing talent through, I would highly recommend that you do not release payment to a Freelancer before receiving work that you are satisfied with in order to avoid a similar dispute in the future."

and another follow up email here.

"Please understand that we have no intention of taking any action against Infinity Mark. As Joe has repeatedly stated, if we see a negative pattern developing with any user, we take action. There is no negative pattern with Infinity Mark. This Freelancer has been with us for more than two years, has conducted roughly $200k in business and has very few complaints.

Please rest assured that we do take the feedback we receive from our users very seriously. It was such feedback that resulted in the creation of the blocking power option. The blocking power has done a lot to protect Freelancers and Employers from one-off negative experiences and unwarranted bad feedback.

Again, if you are not comfortable with how our site functions, you are free to use other venues. We fully understand that our service will not meet the needs of everyone that uses it.

We've repeatedly stated our position on this matter. If you have any other questions, we're happy to answer them. However, any additional communications regarding the feedback issue will be discarded. "

On the surface this may sound resonable, but this coder missed the deadline by more than a month, stood us up four times for scheduled walkthroughs and then delivered a very substandard product at the end in an attempt to keep the 1000.00 we released early. The coder told us over the phone that we would be protected that they would NEVER jeopardize their number #1 ranking with guru or risk a bad review, all the while knowing full well they could block it. The coder basically theived our money and guru stood idly buy and watched it happen, even taking up for the coder after it was done. To me the feedback option was our last bit of leverage to not only hold the coder accountable, but to also warn other consumers that this coder might be prone to doing such things in the future. I do not plan to ever use again. I thought at one time they had the best system, but it took me a while to figure out that all the coders seem to have 5 star reviews and no reviews that are negative. I think not posting reviews that are unbecoming defeats the purpose of an honest review and does not protect the consumer... gurus system is slanted towards the coder and ensuring that they "prosper" regardless of how they treat consumers in any one individual job. If you use do so at your own RISK, if you are after honest reviews on a coder before you hire them, I would recommend going somewhere else, lest you find yourself out of hundreds even thousands of dollars down the road. Guru protects the people that butter their bread, make no mistake about it. The problem with that is we have the projects and the money to pay coders, I will not spend my money with again.

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  • Bb
      Oct 02, 2011

    I am in the same boat my friend and received a similar email from that jerk Stacy. Guru makes a 11% profit off the money freelancers make but yet still do not want to hold any responsibility for the issue. The feedback system is suppose to be similar to ebay's system. However if I had the same issues on ebay I would get my money refunded back to me in no time. This company should be exploited and sued for all the bad business they've swept under a rug by just deactivating a company's account. What about the money lost by employers. Putting down a deposit is showing good faith in business and is a traditional business practice so when its been neglected why turn the cheek and then stat "Well you shouldnt pay until its completed or at satisfaction". Yeah right Guru thats hard to hold up when 11% of that "shouldnt pay" went in your pockets. Elance is WAY better and organized. They stand by the whole escrow process and their freelancers know this. I've way better luck with them than

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  • Su
      Mar 12, 2012

    Same here. A freelancer wouldn't adhere to deadlines multiple times in a row so I left a negative feedback. Of course, they left a negative feedback to me in return. The problem is that I was knew to Guru so I didn't have the "blocking power" yet. The result? I got a negative feedback which was 100% UNDESERVED and they removed my negative feedback which was 100% DESERVED. I still can't understand how something so stupid as "blocking power" could be implemented into what seemed like a "perfect" outsourcing service. Now, the only thing employers ever had such as feedback does not anymore reflect the real quality of freelancers. Be careful about feedback on Guru. I couldn't understand why so many freelancers on the site had such a perfect feedback. Now things make perfect sense...

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  • Ch
      Apr 03, 2012

    I hired a Guru free lanser and at the end of the project he said he can't do it. Then I disputed through Guru to get my money back. They took my money and gave it to the free lanser. I just lost $350.00 Please avoid doing business with Guru.

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  • Ir
      Apr 23, 2012

    We must remember "Buyer Beware" in all of our conduct; unfortunate with writing, for example, we must also be "Seller Beware". I happens many times that written submissions are accepted, used in some manner, and the writer does not get paid. But in these cases, the ability of the provider to block negative response content; well, even with a "guarantee" that sounds a bit fishy. My attitude is be open and aboveboard, perform as promised, and most certainly do not accept payment until your work is fully accepted - and don't bid on projects that are really not completely within your area of expertise. Am I going to get stung? Of course I am, but I won't be doing business with that contracted anymore. Besides, I am of the belief that someone who steals from me will be stolen from as well; but I have gained the experience and portfolio. I have found that ratings really mean very little, because each project has its own character.

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  • Gr
      Apr 29, 2012 use "SAFEPAY" to give buyers a false sense of security. They do not look at customers best interests but their own. After releasing payment despite the freelancer not being able to do the work or adhere to any time frames, close your account to prevent any negative feedback, which could warn new customers. "SAFEPAY" is NOT SAFE.

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  • Ic
      Jun 25, 2012 is a scam site, I was scammed two times, the last day, scammers say it: As share of our secure transaction process, audited all PayPal transactions. As a result of this process, Invoice ID ******* (****** $) is´╗┐ on hold pending verification from the Employer.
    I suggest you or, I'm already a worker at elance and oDesk, Guru, but I wanted to try, but both work I didI have been scammed

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  • Gu
      Nov 26, 2012

    I'm thinking of suing anyone wanna join me ?

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  • Br
      Feb 01, 2013

    Infinity Mark will thieve you of your money. DO NOT work with Matt Gooding at Infinity Mark or any of his team members. I tried to work with US based freelancers and it was a nightmare situation. I really understand why people outsource now and I don't need any more reasons after working with this team in Austin TX. AVOID working with Infinity Mark, you have been warned.

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  • In
      Mar 27, 2013

    Infinity Mark has had literally hundreds of satisfied clients over the past four years. Despite the fact that we offer high quality Drupal development at the industry's lowest U.S. costs there are people out there who are so out of touch with reality that their expectations are simply unachievable. Brian Patters is a bogus name of someone we believe is a competitor we believe is simply attempting to smear our good name. We have reported this post to several law enforcement agencies as a cyber bullying crime. In terms of the original poster here, Arizona7, this is a guy for whom we delivered four different designs and completed a very feature rich site. His expectations were greater than clients for whom we have worked with projects with budgets of over $40k. It is laughable how someone who pays $1, 000 expects a company to dedicate resources to their every whim for months on end.

    Infinity Mark prides itself on being a company that delivers high-quality solutions at incredibly reasonable price points. Don't be swayed by these bogus - anonymous posts.

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  • Al
      Nov 11, 2013

    We are a client of Infinity Mark, and we've worked with Matt Gooding on numerous projects. I can tell you unequivocally that his and his team's ability to add value beyond any reasonable person's expectations is simply unmatched. These folks know their stuff. And I for one am ecstatic that we found them.

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  • Hu
      Jun 16, 2016

    I absolutely agree is not at all a reliable site to get your job done. There are no true view of the ratings as freelancers block them with their blocking option. I have lost $300 where the freelancer promised to finish the project and never delivered. The guru team is also unhelpful stating the we cannot take action against one complain as he has many positive feedbacks. This does not sound right freelancer accumulates a few good ratings and he cheats some without being highlighted in the feedback, which to any new customer will not be able to show the negative responses. Please please do not use and trust the freelancers and never never pay any amount till you receive the project work, do not even pay even if they tell you we need it to start work, this is how I was conned and could never get my money back.

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