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Guardsman / furniture "gold plan"

1 Haslet, Texas, United States
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I cannot be more disgusted with the way that Guardsman does business.I purchased the insurance from Haverty's for my bedroom suit.
I scratched the footboard with a laundry basket and submitted a claim on April 22. I thought that the process was cumbersome because of the requirements to compress my photos. There seemed to be other technical issues where I had to start over several times before the claim was officially submitted. But, it would be worth the time since my scratch would be fixed -- or so I thought.
The very young (and I found out that he was also very inexperienced) technician showed up and assessed the scratch in all of 3 minutes. He said that it could not be repaired and besides, there were other scratches. I do no dispute that there are other scratches but I consider those to be normal wear and tear after 2 years. The only damage that I was concerned with was the one scratch that I submitted the claim for.
However, after his "thorough" 3 minute assessment, he told me that the entire piece needed to be replaced. I thought that was overkill but since this was my first experience with Guardsman, I just assumed that this was how things must work with this company. I had a second claim a few weeks later fr some water damage on my nightstand. When the experienced and very professional technician came to fix it, I showed him my other claim and asked him if this scratch on my footboard was repairable, he replied, "Yes!
It would be very easy to repair this scratch". He went on to fix my nightstand (which I was very happy with) and I expected to hear back from Guardsman regarding my footboard. Unfortunately, several months went by with no communication. I tried calling a few times, but the very long wait times did not allow me to stay on the call.
I made the decision to stay on hold as long as it took to get some type of status. Finally after 43 minutes on hold, I spoke with someone. After I gave her my information, she transferred me to another person (6 more minutes on hold) who told me that he was the wrong person that I needed to speak with so he transferred me to another person (4 more minutes on hold) who told me that my claim was denied. I asked why I was not notified, she told me that I was sent an email on June 6th.
I have pulled up all of my emails with Guardsman and I have nothing from them on June 6th. It is interesting that I have other emails from them but nothing after May 22nd. I am not saying that she is lying, but I am saying that the message was not received. My biggest complaint is that the claim was denied by someone who has not seen my furniture.
The young and inexperienced technician who either did not know what he was doing or did not want to take the time to fix the scratch made a decision in haste. And, furthermore, the decision to deny my claim was based on either his report that there were excessive scratches (of which I have not made any claims for nor do I even need to have them repaired) or that Guardsman is derelict in their obligations to their customers in that there was no effort to even try to remedy the situation and absolutely zero attempt to make this customer happy. Well, this representative did send me to a voicemail system that I am sure will yield no results. I am assuming that this voicemail system is where representatives send unhappy customers in order to placate them and not have to deal with them.
Well, I was too disgusted to simply leave a voicemail (which I did -- but I don't expect to hear anything back), so I called back. Another 26 minutes on hold to ask to speak to someone who could possibly help me. So, she transferred me (another 4 minutes on hold) to an alleged "customer care representative". I told her my information and she towed the "party line" and informed me that my claim was denied because of "excessive scratches".
I told her how angry that made me considering that no one at Guardsman other than the inexperienced (and in my opinion - "Lazy") technician who did not seem to want to repair it and the other experienced technician who said that it was an "easy repair" had seen it. I asked her if I could get a second opinion and she said, "No, there would be no second opinion and that the claim was denied and will stay denied". Yip! That is stellar customer service!!
I felt "well-served" for by the alleged "customer care representative". I did continue to tell her what I thought of your product and that I would ensure that I invested time in calling furniture companies that peddle your lousy product and let them know about my experience with you and recommend that they look into any competitor that you have. I do apologize for allowing a word out of my mouth that I never use, but I cannot be more repulsed by your company's apparent lack of ethics and concern for customers who pay a lot of money for nothing. That is the message that I gave to Haverty's when I called them.
Thankfully, they are at least a sympathetic ear and seem willing to help me. We will see.
But, I can assure you that yours is absolutely the WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE that I have experienced in my 50 years.I cannot emphasize that point enough nor can you expect me to have anything but negative reviews in every venue that I can access.
Reason of review: Poor customer service.
Monetary Loss: $2000.
Preferred solution: Let an experienced technician repair the scratch on my bed (he said he could do it easily).
I didn't like: Website, Product, Policies that do not protect customer.

Aug 14, 2017

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