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On their website under "how to buy", they say that what they pay for the vechile at the auction, is what you pay, plus there fees, of which, $499 is a broker fee paid to them for bidding for you at auction. My high bid was $25500, and invoice from Copart Auction to them was$22000, plus fees of $555. They refused to return $3500 to me, as stated on their web site. GSA Auctions is a lic. Fl. car dealer. I have docs. to support these statements, give me a email address and I will send them, pdf .

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  • Pe
      30th of Mar, 2012

    i will share my experience with they are they are scamming you
    I bid on Mercedes benz car for 13k then i received call from ask me to increase my bid to 16800$ i reject and i told him this is my maximum he told me i will try maybe they will reject this offer we can try on other car i said fine, after 1 hour i received an email says

    .We apologize for any inconvenience. Unfortunately, we were unable to acquire the 2007 MERCEDES-BENZ R350 R CLA that you have bid on at this Insurance Auction. The Insurance Auction did not accept your offer (it was either too low, or they accepted an offer from another company other than Salvage World). Your current funds will remain in your account and you may use those funds towards your next purchase!...

    after 4 hours i receive emails

    We are pleased to inform you that we have successfully acquired the following vehicle on your behalf: 2007 MERCEDES-BENZ R350 R CLA!

    i called them and i talk to Mr Niko from i told him i dont want this car as i receive email say the insurance company reject your offer he told me it was by mistake (Mistakeeeeeee )
    then next day i contact live support chat
    this was them answer
    JoseGSA: correct, I remeber I asked you if you wanted to buy the car and you said yes, tehn we made the purchase to insurance comaony and send you invoice
    this is a good deal, don't worry, next time will be easier and I will personally work with you
    Hi : no it wasn't like that the question was that i have to increase the bid then i said this is my maximum and he told me i will try with the insurance company if they reject we will try with clk Mercedes and i said i will try with 1 car only then you made all the process and send me the invoice after receiving 4 hours before that the insurance company reject my offer and even if the insurance agree they should call me to confirm
    JoseGSA: Yes. I agree with you, but that will never happen again, sorry
    Hi : no problem but as i said before i dont want this car
    please remove this invoice from my account
    JoseGSA: why not...we got it a good price for you ?
    Hi : Dear Jose i just dont want it i appreciate your help and i hope you understand
    its not the write way
    JoseGSA: please type email
    Hi : for ?
    give me please the email
    JoseGSA: to look up your acount
    Hi : to send an email i need the email address
    JoseGSA: I don't like to deal with!!! children !!!, i asked you, you agreed to price, we bought car for you...[protected]
    Hi : no problem thanks for your word i which i am in your country i could come and break your face
    by the way i will post all of this in all fourms
    they are trying to push me the car when they should call and confirm and tell me if the insurance agree or not maybe i change my mind maybe i bout onther car
    only confirmation could solve everything
    they are doing all of this to take your deposit money so be careful

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  • Sa
      17th of Apr, 2012

    Dear Mr. Turak,

    Do me a favor and stop whining to the world. You got two deals first of all. Tell everyone how we got you the first vehicle you purchased the bmw 645 convertible for less than what Copart had buddy. We do not see you posting about that you litttle cry baby ###. Secondly you went to DMV and whined to them that boo hoo salvage world made money on me. You are that much of a ### because I myself was the broker for that deal the middle man who allowed copart to release the vehicle to them based on that GSA auctions was paying me my commission and the dealer that was saving fees not paying COPART who charges 5% of the sale price to get you a car... Poor Niko wanted to refund you the money, he didnt really care about it because the guy is a multi millionaire but I am the one who told him to tell you to beat it... How many more people are you going to cry to abou it? DMV already told you that there is nothing wrong that the company did. You got your ###en car you little baby... Wake up, next time you wanna go to Copart and get ripped off with FEES THEN BE EVERYONES GUEST... SALVAGE WORLD HAS DOUBLE THE CARS COPART HAS ON THERE, THOUSANDS OF CARS NO LESS.. MORE SO THEY OFFER CUSTOMER SUPPORT AND SERVICE TO HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE A DAY WHO KNOW ABOUT VEHICLES.. YOU ARE OBVIOUSLY A MONDAY NIGHT QUARTER BACK AND SAW A RECIEPT AND ARE ALL BENT OUT OF SHAPE... EVERYONES IN BUSINESS TO MAKE MONEY BUDDY, MIDDLE MEN, AUCTIONS, INVESTORS, YOUR CONSULTANT JAY WHO WORKED HARD FOR YOU.. TO GET YOU THE VEHICLE... SO DO ME A FAVOR AND KISS MY ###...

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  • Sa
      17th of Apr, 2012

    Dear Mr. Peraat,

    You have alot of time on your hands. You are so gay copying an conversation with an online chat guy by the way. Its because of two homos like you and Mr. Turak you affect the lives of 50 employees in a thriving company and all the families that they feed at the same time. You are probably broke and have no money to purchase vehicles in the first place... Come to think of it, I will call Salvage World myself and get clarification on what exactly happened with your case. Hopefully they have emails back and forth with you fruit cake so I can post them on here to show them what a blow job you are yourself... Anyone has any issues with Salvage World be my guest and call and speak to the lovely ladies there.. any complaints call and ask for Jay, Alex, or Adam... Instead of being little forum ###... for those of you who are broke and cant afford it they even have a toll free number 1 888 529 2655...

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  • Jo
      10th of May, 2012

    hola soy jose banos mi correo electronico es y estoy esperando mi deposito y no asido depositado en mi cuenta k pasa con esta companisa soy 4000

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  • Jo
      10th of May, 2012

    me cancelaron la rejistracio y no aprece la confirmacion de mi dinero oel deposito de 4000 dolare por envieme el dinero

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  • Sa
      10th of May, 2012

    ARE YOU KIDDING THEM MR BANOS.. ARE YOU THAT ###ED...2012-05-07 Deposit credit $400

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  • Je
      8th of Aug, 2012

    imao lol im triying well is look legit to me, you just need to read before deposit or do bussines, , simple, , you got a online auctions for public who will pay more?? then if you win that they will call you, , listen i think you should increase you bid because bla bla too low...if you agreed then they will buy the car for you.. if no they wont, , , , , dont think that you will buy 2010 car for 2000..?? it doesnt look right.. when you look a term and condition of any company.. please readddddddddddddd dont just ###ing put yes to not looking for refund im looking to buy my car.. :0 each head is a diferent world...

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  • Dg
      14th of Feb, 2013

    Hi guys, I just hooked up to this site. I think Salvage world should do better to guarantee customers security. The idea of collecting customers deposit before presenting their bids to the issurance company is not convincing enough. Everyone will think salvage world will always come bk and tell you the customers that their bids were not accepted. Salvage world should provide a means by wh a customer can contacting the insurance company. Also salvage world don't have to keep customers money for any means. You should work on ur policy. It's faulty. Take example from auction companies like eBay. Thanks

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  • Sa
      2nd of May, 2013

    Make make sure to reference GSA auctions when calling them.. GSA auctions is a dba of Salvage World...

    Please keep me informed on outcomes..

    Here are the 2 contacts set up at the Department of Motor Vehicles that are handling this case...

    Debra Moye
    Field Supervisor
    Bureau of Motor Vehicle Field Operations
    1135 Banks Rd
    Margate, FL 33063
    Office 954-969-4216 X110
    Fax # 954-969-4237

    Lartarsha Ricks-Delp
    Compliance Examiner
    Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles
    Division of Motorist Services
    Bureau of Motor Vehicle Field Operations
    Region 1
    1135 Banks Road
    Margate, FL 33063
    954-969-4216 X112
    Fax 954-969-4237

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  • Gb
      5th of Aug, 2013

    I placed a bid for a 2011, Honda CR-V on their site they informed me I had won and sent an invoice of 11673USD.

    I sent 11700USD into their account and their sales rep, James Gallardo linked me with their only haulage partner, I paid 1630USD for shipping to Nigeria.

    John Daniels of ezhaul later informed me that the car had been removed from auction, Jame also confirmed it.

    Then I asked for a refund (early termination request) and ever since then, they`ve all refused my calls, ignored my mails and keep me on endlessly if i try to reach them on phone.

    I need my money to do business elsewhere and these people appear not concerned with my plights. I wished I took my time to investigate them before doing business with them. Its a shame

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  • Je
      23rd of Aug, 2013

    SAlvage world are criminals, they won't refund my money

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  • Ab
      10th of Nov, 2013 is a scam.
    I have paid for my car to be shipped but they did not pay the shipper the amount i have to pay the shipper the amount again to be able to realise the car. i had to convince the shipper to pay them to realise the car because government/port are charging the storage delay fee on my name. salvageworld for 26day were ###ting especially John Daniels of ezhaul and Paul the sales manager, they keep saying will solve it then they stop answering my calls or emails.


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  • Ju
      15th of Jan, 2014

    In September I try to bid on a Mercedes Benz, but all the money that I offer was never enough. in October after several attempts I decide to close my account with Salvageworld. net and I claim for my $1000 deposit. I understand that some fees will be apply for early termination, and also I had to wait 60 days in order to receive my money. After the time and several calls I have not received my money yet. All the time is same more than 40 minutes on the phone and nobody answer the phone. I really need my money back. If somebody knows how to resolve this PLEASE let me know

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  • Ra
      4th of Apr, 2014 have not giving me my money they owe me yet, its been over 8 months that i have been trying to get it back .and all i get it the run around .is there any one out there that can HELP? let me know [protected]

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  • Ch
      19th of Jun, 2014

    Whatever you do stay away from salvage world. They lie and steal peoples money. They stole 3700 dollars from me. They paid 8000. dollars for a 2000 corvette. and charged me 11'700. Ihave the receit from copart.Then that sperm guzzeling Jay said he went through another broker. I called copart they said that was a lie. I also paid for a 82 corvette and have the paid invoice to prove it. Jay and Jona are the lowest ###. They are also liars and thieves. They won't answer your calls and hang up on you. They should be charged with fraud and thrown in jail. SO STAY AWAY FROM SALVAGEWORLD GSA AUCTIONS

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  • Ch
      19th of Jun, 2014

    SALVAGE WORLD GSA AUCTIONS ARE RIPOFFS LIARS AND THIEVES. DO NOT HAVE ANY DEALINGS WITH THIS COMPANY.I bought a 82 corvette and paid for the car. But sperm guzzeling JAY. said the car was pulled so did not get the car. Then i had to buy another car or lose my money. ### like JONA AND JAY. Should be thrown in jail. They are liars and thieves. They hang up on you when you call. Dont return emails or phone calls. They won't return refunds either. I read a lot of reports on this company. They stole a lot of money from people. STAY AWAY FROM SALVAGEWORLD GSA AUCTIONS. [protected]

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  • An
      10th of Jul, 2014

    Let me tell you about my experience with Salvage world GSA auctions L. L. C... In October 2013, I bid on a 2008 BMW 650i. I received a notice to deposit money in my account in order for my bid to be considered. I deposited 1, 000.00$ by credit card, and continued bidding on this car. At the bidding expiry date, i was the highest bidder. I figure the car is mine. I receive an invoice from Salvage World GSA auctions L.L.C. with instructions to be paid within 24 hours, otherwise, there would be 50.00$ per day penalties. I called Salvage World and spoke to Chris, he confirmed my purchase, and texted me instructions on where and how to wire the money to them ASAP...and I did. However 30 minutes after wiring the full amount I return on the Salvage World site, only to find out that people are still bidding on the car, even though the date is expired...I call back Chris, he tells me that the insurance company refused my bid, and so the car remained in the block... but he told me not to worry, that he was going to contact the insurance company and try to get it at that price for me. The next day I called him again and he told me he couldn't do anything about it, if I wanted the car, I had to pay more. I told him I wasn't interested in paying more. Because transport, duties, inspections and other fees would make the car more expensive than what the car was worth in Canada. He suggested I bid on another car, to which I told him I wasn't interested and I wanted my money back. He said Ok, I would get reimbursed. Over the eight months following this conversation with Chris Michaels, I have called at least 40 times, I have spoken to Niko Giankov, Dexter, Jamie, Rubin, Jackie, Joana, Jeanly Rojo, Ava, and many more people, they tell me that they understand, they are very apologetic, for the delay...very nice very polite...BUT I STILL DONT HAVE MY MONEY!!! THEY ###ED ME $21.654.00... This amount still appears in my account, yesterday, I tried to bid on a car $18, 000.00, with fees and charges, it came up to $19, 154.00, When I tried to confirm my purchase, I was told to add $3, 600.00 to my account in order to confirm my purchase...but my account holds $21, 654.00... so I called Salvage world...I was put on hold, waited for 1 hour 30 minutes...and finally hung up as always...

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  • Ri
      18th of Jan, 2016

    I worked for Mark at GSAauctions and Salvageworld and he still owes me over $2000. They are now: Mark Alexopoulos is still out there stealing from people every day. He can be reached at 305-546-5939 or 954-647-0815. You can also reach the district attorney who is handling his case. She is in the Bronx. Assistant District Attorney LUPO 718-838-7649

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  • Mi
      15th of Mar, 2016

    SALVAGE WORLD IS A SCAM, i bought a 2007 bmw m6 which i later found out was not even in their possession which means they never even saw it. It was advertised to have had previous frame damage which was all fixed. The pictures they used were about 3 years old at the time, so the car looked really clean . Long story short. Before i bought it i asked the guy from salvage world who was taking care of everything multiple times, everything works? car drives fine? starts up nicely? frame is fully fixed? he assured and guaranteed me yes to all those questions. Its already been a year and a half that i have had this car and i havent even been able to drive it. The mechanic said (quote) "its as if someone went off roading with this car" the transmission has multiple issues which are still to this day being worked on. biggest regret in my life was dealing with salvage world. just a bunch of desperate sales men trying to make a buck and willing to do what they have to get it. once im done with this car i plan on starting some sort of lawsuit because i have a good case with the email communication back and forth with the sales guy and he falls into a bunch of lies. if anyone has tried or currently is in a lawsuit with them please contact me as to where to start. thanks

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