Group Health Cooperative / Doctor Seth Scott MD not understanding Medical Power of Attorney

My name is Cheryl Dickerson I am the wife of Thomas Garnett we are patients of Dr. Seth Scott, I have been repeated brought to his attention that I am not allowed to discuss or give information in regards to his welfare.
Just a month ago Dr.Scott was refusing to allow a pain med for Mr. Garnett of hydrocond for his arthritic spine and lower back that he only get's once every 30 days.
When the request for refill was done through the Olympia Group Health pharmacy I went to pick up was informed he could have it do too the fact he had no notations of see the Olympia Orthopedic referral that was order some months ago. With the holidays and we were hit with a horrible medical issue our granddaughter fell ill at school was rush to hospital were she need to have heart surgery as soon as possible, now is private information I had to give to Dr.Scott nurse.
Under the situation with the Olympia Orthopedic we had time to get the appointment but it had lapsed so this refusal by Dr.Scott made me rush a appointment for the Orthopedic Dr. Haplin in order for him to release his med's. Now this is just stressing me more because I cannot take of my own health issue with having these stumbling blocks all the time.
So on Monday 3-14-16 Mr. Garnett has two MRI's to be done because on the day of his appointment Dr. Halpin found that he has arthritis in his neck and the lower disc in his back is causing numbness all down his left leg. When we started with Group Health I had submit the Power of Attorney to give me credence over his welfare, I call for a refill of his Ned's yesterday and stayed on hold for 20 minutes to get a nurse in his office to and the phone. Finally the systems advise no one is answer call back later! I sent a email to Dr. Scott and I do not know if he will respond or order the refill till tomorrow when I contact the pharmacy.
Sincerely yours,
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Mar 11, 2016

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