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My loan was transferred to Green Tree Servicing unfortunately when my mortgage was sold by BOA about 18 months ago. My wife and i went through bankruptcy recently but have committed to keep our home. we have never been delinquent on my mortgage. I have paid my mortgage consistently within the grace period. Since my bankruptcy completed, i have been receiving multiple phone calls each day regarding payment, going on now for over 30 days. again, i am not delinquent on my mortgage nor have i ever been. we have tried to plead with them to stop calling and they want us to set up auto withdrawal. we will not because there is a fee through green tree so we do it through our bank at no cost. We get at least 4 calls daily from [protected] at home and at work. This is harassment and we are tired of this occurring. it has to stop. if we were 30 days late, maybe i could see a few calls, however we are not and i am disgusted with the whole green tree/Fanni Mae process. i cant even refinance because green tree is a servicing agent and not a lender so our only option is govt programs which we do not qualify for. This is ridiculous, someone needs to get them to stop calling.

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      Dec 12, 2014

    I have the same problem with them,
    first the phone calls and now I get letters. I am not in default but they can't seem to understand. I even talk numerous to the so called supervisor and still getting letters. I am looking to call or e-mail the attorney general and see what can be done. Good luck with yours Clara Fick Barstow, CA

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