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Greentree Services LLC / mortgage not going down rude when I fell behind threatning phone calls

1 295 Sharon StreetMineral Wells, WV, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 304-489-2307

I fell behind on mortgage due to hardship and unemployed. Greentree called after a problem incurred with bank not depositing my unemployment check and NCF charge came through. I tried to explain that I had made calls to the bank to try resolve the issue and was in process of getting it taken care of. The customer service rep was rude and yelled at me called me a liar also called my wife stupid. I called the HOPE hotline and a lady there called them while I was on the phone. She was treated in the same manner that I was, but she wouldn't allow them to cut her down and remained calm. The rep at Greentree lied about everything of course but told her if I could get someone elses bank account and call it in by 7:00 pm they would take 1 1/2 payments from me at the end of month and I would not have a bill for 3 months. I did just that, but the rep at Greentree had left for the day and I had to leave a voicemail with my mothers bank info. The next day I called to make sure everything was ok and that they had what they needed. Another lady answered phone and of course they were backpedeling saying that I may not even qualify for the program. She said she needed to call my mother to see if it was ok to debit that amount, which is understandable. She didn't have time to talk about it because she said she had been working 12hr days and it was time to go home, but she gave me until 11:00 the next day to have my mom call. Of course they were calling at 8:59am the next morning every 5 min. I finally answered phone and the rep that was very rude to me called, I asked him why do I have to qualify for the program. He said basically I had already been aproved for the program. I said if I paid the $468.00 by the 31st of July, then I wouldn't have any payments until October right. He said well Sept. or Oct. I'm not sure yet. I advised him that Greentree had several complaints on the internet just like what had been happening to me, and was afraid to give my mother and fathers bank account info to them because my dad has kidney cancer and I don't want any problems for them. He started to get rude with me telling me I was stauling him. So, I interupted him and told him he has just sucked the life out of us these past few days. We can't eat, sleep, and our stomachs are in knots and we are not doing that today because I am hanging up. I then hung up the phone and called Greenpath back. advised her of what was going on and she suggested that I call Greentree and ask for mitigation dept. I also requested that she look into a place to complain to because Greentree is on the list for the Home Loan Modification. She is going to call on Monday with that info. This company scams people and they had no intention of doing a modification with me to begin with they just wanted to collect the past due amount regardless of my situation.

Thank you,
Christopher and Racheal Zimmerman

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  • Jo
      5th of Aug, 2009
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    We have been tryin gto do a short sale and for people who call other people stupid they should talk. None of the departments talk to the others, We have faxed our entire life and financial info 4 times and no one seems to have it.Even though we have receipts saying it was received, We have a buyer for the house who has had to wait months to know if they can buy it. You would think getting some money would be better than nothing since greentree is the second mortgage, Nope they would rather slit their own throats than work with people, We were working with a rep Named Mike Lopez out of AZ who told me he was going to Make it as hard as he could, The fact of the matter is, is greentree is just collections co. Hire bounty hunters. I swear if they could go to your house these so called reps who would not like it if they were talked to the way they talk to people degrade you, harrass you and then lose everything, After 6 months of trying to work with them we decided to just let the property forclose. We called the orriginal banks and let them know that the reason they are not going to get any money is because of green tree, I has to threaten a law suit to get Mike Lopez to stop calling me 5 times a day everyday including sundays.
    I took a copy of my call detail to a lawyer and the attoney generals office,
    Rude is not the word for the people that work there, They will not work with you and they lost money for the bank they work for. They even threatened us,
    Not only that but the added anothe mans info and debt info to our account some guy in CA, So I'm wondering if he has all our info as well. How safe is my info in these dirt bags hands.

  • An
      18th of Aug, 2009
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    Unfortunately, it appears that Greentree/Conseco didn't receive any Obama bailout money and therefor can run high and wild on their clients with no reason to fear the government or the law.

    There is no talking to these people - they are paid to be nasty and rude. My brother-in-law runs a company in the same vein (sorry, that just slipped) and they get paid for any funds they collect.

    It's the system for which they work and they hire only the nastiest and harshest people to run their calls and collection processes.

    The phone calls we make all seem to be routed to the same nasty woman no matter which number we call. She won't talk to me when I told her I record every call for quality control purposes. They say they record for the same reasons - sometimes - and if they do, then I can record without their consent in California and have done so.

    Let them have the house as the fees/penalties far exceed the value of the home in the first place.

    Comps in the area for newer and more-appointed units are in the $12, 000.00 range and yet we owe over $60, 000 even after paying since 1999. There has been no equity paid - it's all interest.

    The loan was fraudulent and an attorney gave me a reading of it, saying so. There are legal grounds for rescission if we want.

    The park where this mobile is located has been collecting space rent and maintenance fees on abandoned homes - which this one will soon become - that will far exceed the payment we made, and the park can legally seize the unit after 120 days of failure to make those payments by Greentree. It's a city code for abandoned homes.

    Since the "agent" has told us that they are foreclosing and slammed the phone down, I figure that this is their intentions - so let them have it.

  • Dd
      5th of Oct, 2009
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    My fiance and I are going through the same B.S. with greentree our payments are only $436 a month and I lost my job for a few months so we got two payments behind and ofcourse they started calling every 3 minutes on the dot to not only our cell phones but they went so far as to google her work number because all she told them was that she worked at a hardware store in our town, so they preceded to do the same to her work number witch led to her manager telling them that they where harrassing and hindering not only her but all the other employee's that have to answer the phones so he politey asked them not to call anymore but greentrees rep said it is not harrassment and that they can call any number any amount of times in a day that they want, so thirty or more calls later her manager finally got ignorant with them but that still didn't help they continued to call witch has led to her being put on probation at work. My fiance finally found a generic letter that basically says that any bill collector can not call her work and she had to send it certified so greentree would have to sign for it. But we have sent over $600 a month for four months and for some reason they feel as though we are still not up to date, now I know I am not the smartest person in the world but to me it is just simple math not only should we be caught up but we should be ahead of our payments, But can you guess, greentree is sill calling every day and threatening foreclosure SOOOOOOOOOOOOO if anybody has some info on how to get away from these blumbaling ###s please help us for you see we have two beautiful daughters that according to the greentree reps do not need milk or formula or electric for our kids but our kids also don't need to go to daycare so my fiance and I can go to work to make the money that greentree so desperately needs. Hell the ignorant person who's name is nikki said that we shouldn't even make the truck payment which is the only transportation that takes my fiance to work and without her going to work we cannot and will not make payments.

  • De
      4th of Nov, 2009
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    We have a second mortgage that was just sold to Green Tree. No one infoprmed us, the homeowners. For a month we were getting calls---as per caller ID--from Green Tree. Not knowinbg that out loan had been sold I did not answer the calls. A couple days ago I got a mortgage statement in the mail from GFreen Tree, which was my first information that they were the new lienholder. So I took a call from them when they called. They were calling because they said I was late on the payment lasty month. I had paID THE PREVIOUS LIENHOLDER BECAUSE i WAS UNAWARE THERE WAS A new lienholder. I explained that to them and asked them to stop calling me. They haVE NOT STOPPED! Today I get a call from them and they wanted to know all about my first mortgage. I said that was none of theior business and she accused me of being sarcastic. This does not look promising. My hunch is they are predators and just want to fopreclose and see if they can make a buck. They probabaly bought the note for pennies on the dollar. We are currnet on the note ---my hunch is the original lienholder is in trouble and needed to unload some debt and did it cheaply for ther buyer.


  • Ad
      16th of Nov, 2009
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    My wife, 6 children, and myself live under the tyrany of GreenTree everyday.
    Back in July of 2009 I ran out of work for my small flooring and tile company.
    My wife called and arranged a 3 month forebearance with GreenTree.
    This was settled and we qualified.
    No payment due until Sept. 2009.
    My wife was working and we thought doing well at her job.
    In July, August and Sept we had electric bills exceeding $500.00 per month.
    We were unable to put any money back and I still wasn't picking up any work.
    I had to close the doors on my company due to not being able to compete with every out of work "Joe that owns a hammer" in South Carolina underbidding me on every job.
    We let my work truck go back to the lot, cut off our cable tv, cut off our cellphones, Did everything we could think of to have the money to make the payment to GreenTree.
    We fell $42.50 short. We figured, they won't make a big stink about $42.50.
    Boy were we WRONG.
    After a constant stream of phone calls (5) per day from different numbers each time.
    I decided to see if I could work this out with them. I answered a call from (Jeff) on Monday and made arrangements t make the full payment as well as the $42.50 + 2.50 late fee + $12.00 payment by phone on the 12th of November.
    The next day we get another call from GreenTree (Michelle) I explained to her that I had made arrangements the previous day with (Jeff.)
    She types on her computer for a minute and comes back to me with.
    "Well you do realize there will be a $30.00 charge for you payment being late over 30 days".
    At this point I didn't want to get upset so I didn't argue with her.
    She got off the phone and all was well.
    2 weeks roll by with no further calls from GreenTree.
    On Nov. 8, my wife lost her job due to state cut backs.
    Severance pay forthcoming.
    My elderly disabled mother gets a call from GreenTree on Nov. 10th, 2 full days before our arrangement is due to be paid.
    (John) proceeds to berate her about our payments being late and "They are taking our crap" anymore. My mother hung up on the jerk and called me with the number he called from.
    My wife calls and attempts to talk rationally with (John) telling him that she will have the full payment as agreed available on the 12 as agreed.
    This guy loses it.
    I mean he is cursing at my wife, berating her and calling her names.
    I yank the phone from her and start in on him.
    Being in business myself and having had to do the exact job he is doing in the past has given me some knowledge of dealing with people.
    Needless to say, I didn't stand a chance.
    He stated to me "We (GreenTree) aren't going to let you people that can't afford your home to continue to live in our property and run it down and destroy it."
    (I was shocked! I'm a contractor, there is no damage to this home.
    I have remodeled both bathrooms with walk in tile showers, ripped out all the floors and replaced them with 1 1/2" of solid plywood. Torn out the crap 3/8" drywall and replaced it with 1/2" drywall to code. Replaced all of the under/over insulation improving the R value by 30%. To put it plainly, I've done enough work to this place to have built a 2000 sq ft home. Around $40, 000 worth of work.)
    Finally I had enpugh and demanded to speak with his supervisor.
    I was "ORDERED" not to hang up and put on hold.
    3 minutes and (Richard) comes on the line, he sounded pleasant enough so I handed the phone off to my wife.
    Sure enough, he starts making demands the she make payment "Today".
    She explains to him that she won't be getting her pay until the 12th and she would be happy for them to take a phone check on that day.
    He agreed and we thought all was good.
    He has her check information now and we are stuck.
    He starts berating her that our December payment BETTER be in their office by 5 pm on 12/10/2009 or they would be out here to get the home on 12/11/2009.
    Naturally being my wife and who she is told him in these exact words.
    "If I don't have your payment in your office by 5 p.m. on 12/10/2009 you can be assured to find the house burned to the ground on 12/11/2009 when you get here to haul it away!"

    They may be a nasty bunch, they may take our money and our hope, they may take our home and we may have to live in tents. But they will never take the love and pride I have for my darling wife!

  • Sa
      20th of May, 2010
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    So we have the same problem with greentree. Same song and story as everyone else. I would say the best way to deal with it is to take to the news stations local and national because apparently nobody really knows what is going on with this company. They told us we are liars and we dont take care of our 2 children. To me, thats not the best way to get a payment out of someone. Its childish and ignorant. This company needs to be shut down...for good.

    Sarah from San Antonio Texas

  • Sr
      28th of Apr, 2012
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    I received a phone call from "Yvette" today (Saturday afternoon), and my Caller ID showed that the call was from Green Tree Services. Yvette was calling about my neighbors across the street!! She said that was "a friend" and she "does business" with them, and she had been unable to reach them at their phone numbers. Yvette wanted to know if I would walk across the street and give them her phone number, since she hadn't been able to reach them. She began to give me a 1-800 number and explained that she was "at work, " and I stopped her. When I asked her what kind of "business" she did with them, she said that was personal and private information and she couldn't share that with me. I was FURIOUS! I told her that I didn't believe her, that I suspected she was from a colllections agency, and that I was appalled that she would look up MY phone number to do her leg work for her! After doing some research online, I discover my gut reaction was spot on. I will be contacting my Attorney General's office to report this incredibly unprofessional behavior. I am completely disgusted by this tactic - IMAGINE - calling neighbors to pressure people and collect bills! My post here is just the beginning of my efforts to make sure this never happens again...

  • Th
      19th of May, 2013
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    I was with bank of America for 12 years, Then boa said there selling my loan to green tree I went from bad service to even worse .

  • Dg
      8th of Jun, 2013
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    It is really discussing reading all the complaints about Greentree mortgage servicing company. I have had a mortgage with GMAC for 12 years and have not had any deliquent payments. I recently had a hardship and went thru a modification with GMAC. I made my first trial modifcation in Feb to GMAC and then I was told my loan is being transferred to GreenTree. I made 3 more trial modication payments to GreenTree. When I checked with my HUD advisor I was told the permanent modification was in the process. After several conversations with GreenTree and advising them my paymemts were being processed even after they had cashed my checks, I was told GT is far behind since all these loans were transferred to them by GMAC. After 5 months I recieved my permanent modification papers, my payment went from 1681.00 to over 2400.00 per month. What kind of modification of the Affordable Housing Act is that?????? I am so frustrated with the government, the mortgage servicers. How do they proclaim to say they will help the consumer when they are increase my debt instead of working with the 31% of my monthly gross income? I top of all of this I just had a 6% decrease in salary. When does this ever end? I am a single mom of 3 teenagers, work 2 jobs and still cant make ends meet. It seems like everthing is going up in rates accept my paycheck. What is left for me to do now?????

  • Gr
      18th of Dec, 2013
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    Green Tree employees and business practices are ###. My payment is due on the 1st, with a 15 day grace period. My bank, JP Morgan Chase, is configured to mail them a check on the 3rd of every month. It takes up to 5 business days to arrive at the destination according to Chase's bill pay agreement. Green Tree calls me EVERY single month to harass me for my payment BEFORE it's even late. They call on the 10th, 11th, 12th... EVERY SINGLE MONTH. I ask them, EVERY SINGLE MONTH -- do you see my payment history? Except for weekends and holidays, it arrives at the same time, EVERY SINGLE MONTH! And yet they can't wait to harass me, EVERY SINGLE MONTH for when my payment will come. This last month, I was explaining to the caller that I have auto payments setup through Chase and the woman was so rude that she cut me off in the middle of speaking with some rude drivel and called me a deadbeat... even though I was not late. This company is a disgrace to mortgage servicing companies.

  • Br
      10th of Jan, 2014
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    I talked to Green tree for several months to get two deferrals, because of property tax I had to pay, now they are threatening me with note acceleration papers, because they only show one deferral, and they are very very rude on the phone, I keep telling them to look at the phone recordings and paper work, and they would see the that it is there mistake, but they don't listen, they just keep threatening me. They are a bunch of ###s.

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