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My mortgage loan was just sold to Green Tree Servicing by GMAC. When I went online to register so that I could make a payment, I found out there's a $12.00 Speedpay fee to make your mortgage payments online!!! Green Tree should be happy you can make a mortgage payment at all in this economy. Greed is the name of the game when it comes to these big corporations! I am sickened by these mortgage companies and the scams...

Feb 07, 2013
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  • Mo
      Mar 04, 2013

    Yes, Green Tree's policy regarding online payments is completely miserable. I asked them about it, and they say they turn around and pay the fee to a third party, and it's out of their control. Bah! There are ways around this if only they'd look for them. With GMAC, I used to make small, casual, out-of-cycle payments to shave some dollars off my principal. I can't do it now. They've also been scandalously slow with their paper billing. I've been with these guys for less than five weeks, and I can't stand them.

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  • Vi
      Apr 04, 2013

    Please check out these support group sites...

    Also submit the complaint to CFPB, and they will contact Green Tree for the matter...

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  • Ti
      Jun 03, 2013

    Total crock of crap! I use to pay my mortgage plus 12.00 to round it up to the highest number before submitting my payment through GMAC. With Speedpay this option is now sucked up by a company who "claims" they don't know how to set up their own bill pay and help the customer AND THEMSELVES out.
    This American greed at is finest and most corrupt.
    Congrats Greent Tree Servicing you really must pat yourselves on the back during your board meetins over this blatant rip off of the American consumer.

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  • Mi
      Sep 17, 2014

    I, too, was just sold to Green Tree. So far their service is TERRIBLE. My homeowners insurance was due a couple of months after they got my loan. THEY were supposed to notify my insurance company. Instead they sent me a letter. End result, my insurance was cancelled and it has been an absolute nightmare getting it reinstated! And the $12.00 fee is just a slap in the face! If they are "servicing" my loan they, nor I, should be paying a third party to handle my on-line payment!

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  • Sa
      Oct 04, 2014

    yes, it is a rip off of consumers and lousy service, there must b a way to stop them. class action lawsuit?

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  • Si
      Feb 17, 2015

    If you are interested I am trying to gather names for a class action lawsuit for gross fraud. Please do not make online payments. Must have a paper trail established to nail them. I am setting up a twitter act to gather names #greentreepaymentfraud, or #greentreemortgagefraud. The online says they are not responsible for mistakes and don't have to correct them. I'm trying to find the owners of this outfit, but can't nail what corp actually owns them. Any info will be appreciated. I will be putting this on FB also. Email [protected] They claimed I didn't get my payment and made 17 harassing calls to my house & then sent a letter verifying they had my payment the whole time! Time to stop this BS.

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