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With the current economic crisis hitting so many Americans across the nation, this company lacks sensitivity when dealing with its customers and their issues. Unlike other mortgage lenders this bank is unwilling to work with the customer to assist in meeting the customer's need and ensuring a good business relationship. For a payment made on the 30th day this bank refused to not report to the credit agencies although the reason for the delay was explained and the payment history has never reflected a late payment. In times like these companies like Green Tree make consumers feel even more miserable about their situations and zaps away any good faith efforts made or motivation to making things work. This company only cares about the money they collect and not the people they serve!

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  • Fl
      Dec 03, 2009

    My mother and I moved to Oregon in 98' and went to a mobile home dealer in the area called BUY-RITE and it was because we we two women desperate to find a place because we were staying with my mom's best friend at the time and we had a dog and the apartment complex's around all had issue's with a large dog we had a thousand dollars to put down on a place and it was late afternoon on a friday when the two men running BUY-RITE mobile home sales started to assist us they looked over a list of repo's and decided to show us one that was in a park now it was already getting dusk out and the power inside the mobile was shut off so we couldn't take a close look but it didn't seem to be to bad, we had be approved by the park which we had only just peeked in the park's office and asked for the application which was going to take atleast a week to be processed and approved the woman told us. We left and went back to BUY- RITE to discuss the place since it was late we couldn't look at any more places and asked if the gentelman could show us around more the following day but he made an excuse and offered to see if the lending agent they used could even grant us approval on the amount of the repo since we didn't have great credit and just moved there so neither of us were working yet. He asked for a good faith payment to hold the place and he would submit some paperwork to GREENTREE LENDING and we would know something come monday well I was to be a co-signer for my mother and they were asking $19, 000 for the repo mobile home. On that saterday morning we stopped in at another mobile home sales office and talked with their sales manager and ended up talking about the repo we had barely got to look at the night before he said he knew the place and asked if we wanted to get a look in daylight at it so we did and saw that the electric wires were hanging out of the outlets there was bad mold damage in the walls and the roof was caving in thru the kitchen cabinets and I about fell thru the bathroom floor I assumed water damage there too. Well first thing after seeing how bad the place was and that it was not even liveable my mother canceled the $500 good faith check and the $1, 000 check to GREENTREE LENDING as well, That monday morning the salesmen from BUY-RITE were harassing us screaming at my mother until she was in tears for canceling the check even after trying to explain and even ask both BUY-RITE and GREENTREE if the lemon law or 72hr law applied? exspecially since we never had park approval and never steped in the place other than to see how bad of shape it was really in. GREENTREE was just as rude and didn't care they might have if I would of got a laywer at the time. Now my mother has filed bankrupsy back in 99' because they wouldn't let her out of it and now it's been almost twelve years and they are still after me relentlesly to collect since I was the co-signer on the repo I can't afford a lawyer or to file bankrupsy myself how can this insane place stay in business I am sure we are not the only ones they have swendled! is there anything I can do now? Lorin Las Vegas

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  • Ga
      Apr 04, 2010

    On February 26th. 2010 my mobile home was destroyed in a wind storm when two trees fell on it. I notified Statefarm, my insurance company. Three days later, the adjuster came. He totaled the home saying it hit 80% of the NADA value. I asked him about removing the home from the mobile home park so that I wasn't going to be charged the park rent of $465 a month. He said that they would take care of removing the home. Well it turned out that the NADA value was only around $29, 000 for my home that I still owed $50, 000 on. I couldn't believe that they could have depreciated my mobile home by half. About 2 weeks later, the adjuster said that he was mistaken and that I would have to remove the home from the property as there were no titling issues in New Hampshire. I am not sure what he meant by that. If he had told me that 2 weeks earlier I could have gotten a estimate. I got a estimate finally of $8, 500 to have it demolished and removed from the park. He gave me a check for $27, 767.34 I looked at it and said I thought you said the NADA value was $29, 000 and also, I have to use $8, 500 out of this to have the home removed? There was also $1, 500 that was being paid to me and my friends for removing the trees from the mobile home and hauling away the debris. That would leave only $17, 767.34 going to Green Tree to be applied to the mortgage. I was very angry and went to the New Hampshire Insurance Department and filed a complaint against Statefarm. A few days later, the adjuster called me and said he misunderstood his supervisor on how this claim was to be paid. I met with him the next day and he gave me a revised settlement and a check for another $11, 705.70 leaving me with two checks totaling $39, 473.04 which was better, but still not what I had in mind. I sent the settlement paperwork and the checks to Green Tree. A few days later, I called Green Tree to find out how to go about getting the $8, 500 to have the home removed. Green Tree said that the settlement says nothing about the home being totaled, and that they would not release the $8, 500 when there was still a balance on the mortgage. I said, so you are not going to honor the settlement with my insurance company when it is written right there in the settlement? He said they would not do that and that my insurance company should be covering me for the full $68, 800 that was on my insurance declaration page. I told him I was not replacing the home so they pay it as actual cash value minus depreciation. He said it doesn't matter, a lot of people don't replace the home and that I should still get the full $68, 800. Well if things worked that way, I would have been a lot better off, but unfortunately that is not the way it works. Well just to keep things straight, I called Statefarm in Jacksonville FL. and talked with a gentleman named Fred. I told him that Green Tree was not going to honor the settlement and pay to have the home removed, and that Green Tree told me that Statefarm should have paid me the full $68, 000 and also that Green Tree said that the settlement doesn't say the home was totaled. Fred said that there were a lot of discrepancies in the settlement. The adjuster had said that it has to hit 80% of the value of the home to be totaled, but it looks like he based the 80% on the wrong value. He based it on the NADA value of $29, 000 and it should have been based on the declaration value of $68, 800. Well needless to say, the home has received a lot more water and wind damage since the night it was destroyed. Statefarm is supposed to get back to me after they figure out the mess. The adjuster was sent up from Ohio because of all the damage there was in the state that night. He has since been discharged and sent back to Ohio. Every time I called Green Tree, I get someone different and have to rehash the whole thing with them and it seems they all have their own opinion as to how it should be handled. In the mean time, I am left in no mans land and just wish Statefarm and Green Tree would come to some kind of a agreement and clue me in later. My bills are piling up over this whole thing and I can't pay them. Oh and to make matters worse, the home was vandalized and the insurance company had already closed my home owners policy. What should be happening here is that the home should be removed from the park for $8, 500 and they can keep the $1, 500 that was to be paid to me and apply it toward the mortgage so that they will have $30, 973.04 in total to apply toward the mortgage and then we can come to some type of settlement for the other roughly $19, 000 that I will still owe. I know one thing, I will never buy another mobile home.

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  • Ti
      Feb 01, 2012

    In 2004 I had to claim a chapter 7 bankrupsy due to marital issues and exempted my lhome of course as it was a newer loan. The original bank sold my loan 2 years later to Green Tree and now 8 years later they claim that I put my house under the bankrupsy. My credit since they claim that zero payments have been made (I have not missed one in 12 years) is total crap and they claim the house is under a bankrupsy. (From over 7 years ago in which it was exempt) I have found that from searching all of the bad info on green tree that they are keeping peoples credit low so they can not refinance or build new and get out from under the massive intrest rates by (A) not reporting payments to the credit beuru and (B) in my case stating that my house is under a 7 year old bankrupsy that the house was exempt from. Under my circumstances and due to my 17% debt to income ratio, perfect payments, cash in bank, stocks, etc etc... I should have a 700+ credit score but am at 580 due to their trash... I have spent years trying to build credit. I am sure they will come up with a nasty response but the fact is that I have alredy consulted an attournry and they are in the wrong... They are a give to the rich and take from the poor... Or in my case I have increased my pay to over 60k a year (Cmon it is not that bad) and they still keep my credit so low that I can not get a credit card. I make 60k... My payment is $550.00... I have no debt... I bought a car and not only paid it off but 2 years early in cash... The only reason my credit is so bad is that Green tree claims my house is under a bankrupsy from almost 8 years ago and I have not made any payments... I have bank statements, insurance, property taxes, appraisals, and the original chapter 7 documents from 2004 that say otherwise... You be the judge.

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