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Green Tree Servicing / Do not EVER work with you

1 United States
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Phone: why??????????

My husband and I have had a loan through Green Tree for a little over 6 years now. We have NEVER been behind. About 5 months ago, not sure when, we had gotten a month behind. I called and made payment arrangements with NO PROBLEM!! I was told that as long as I call them and tell them what is going on with us, that they will ALWAYS work with us...We have fallen into this economic land slide because my husband is in the construction industry. We have fallen 2 months behind and when I called to try to work a payment out with them, they refuse to talk to me unless I give them a check number and make payment arrangements. I have sent out one check for October just a little over 30 days late. I attempted to pay over he phone and it sent me through this loop and wouldn't let me and no one would pick up my call. So I just mailed it. All of the other checks I sent with the same batch to my credit cards have received theirs and cashed them. Then we are 9 days behind for November and they have already started foreclosure on our trailer, not the property, its not ours. They had a collector call me who called me pretty much a liar and said that I am 3 months behind, so they are preceding forward. Its not december 20th yet, so how do they get to do that? I think they are taking advantage of the economic crunch and they know that they ripped us off and this place isn't worth the money we financed, so they think they are going to jerk it out from under us and resale it and make some more money. The funny thing is that it cant be moved again, it fell apart when we moved it took 15, 000 to get it fixed but we were told NEVER TO MOVE IT AGAIN! I would think they would be wanting to work with the people who usually pay their bills, not try discourage them into leaving it.


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