Green Tree FinancialGlenda Turner

I started renting this house on a rent to own basis in October, 2007. I started paying the owners of the house and then in March, 2008 I started paying their mortgage payments directly to Green Tree Financial. They brought me foreclosure papers in the owners name and then Green Tree told me that if I paid 4000.00 they would stop the forclosure and promised me that they would put the paperwork in my name. I gave them permission to automatically withdraw my payments .They also told me there were back taxes owed on the house and that I was responsible. So I agreed to pay a little extra on my payments to start paying the taxes. Then at the end of 2008 they took double payments out for 3 months straight saying that I was delinquent. So I cancelled the automatic withdraw and they accepted 3 months and then retuned the next 2 months. Now the house is back up for a trustee sale in the owners name. They also told me that if I paid them another 4000.00 they would stop the sale again. I have paid over 16000.00 in the last 18 months and that isn't including the foreclosure or back tax payments. They have harrassed, threatened and made me have a nervous breakdown.. I am a 70 year old woman on a fixed income that is guaranteed every month, never been delinquent on my payments and I have tried everything to work with these people and they wont cooperate.

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