Green Tree / Scam

I've been paying on a single wide trailer for 10yrs. My start off was 48, 522.00 in June of 1999, with Greentree financial. My payoff as of today Sept 19, 2009 is 47, 265.80. I have paid over 48, 000 in interest alone. By the time this is paid off it will have been $151, 130.00. I have complained to the BBB and filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. BBB has had 360 complaints in the last 36 months with only 120 closed...not resolved. I call to complain and a man name Kelly states that there are singlewides worth $151, 000---are they outlined in GOLD? They say that everytime we make a payment that's over the requested amount it's not going towards the's going towards the next month's payment! We pay online...they say the only way for it to go towards the principal is if we call each time and tell them!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COMPANY? HAVE THEY NO MORALS?


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