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I live in Dubai and few weeks ago I've placed an order for both Green Tea Purity and Colon Cleanse elite products. As per their terms and conditions, you should receive the product and try it within 15 days free trail (that was not true, after 14 days they billed my credit card the product full amount 80 $ each) and in case you don't want to receive any further products, you should return the empty container so they would not bill your credit crard in the future.

Well, I received the products after 24 days of placing the order, and even though I wrote to them 100 times explaining that they should not bill my credit card until I recieve the products and try it first, they went ahead and billed my credit card anyway again 80 $ Each.

Not only that, but they shipped the products via the worst and cheapest mail service, despite the fact that I paid 30 $ shipping fee for each product. It took me long time to get to the mail office and the containers was in a very bad shape (squeezed).

This is a scam, I had to block my credit card and replace it immediatly. These companies do not have any ethical responsibility.

No one learn for free, my advice is to stay away from these online scams !! It did cost me a lot to know that.


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  • De
      Jul 09, 2009

    I wish I reviewed this site before placing an order for both Colon Cleanse and Green T. I have exactly the same experiences of this company and I am at a loss as to what to do. I supposedly registered for their "Free Trail" only to find out that £70 had been taken from account a day after receiving the Colon Cleanse followed a few days later by the same amount for the Green T - despite that fact that the Green T has never been received. I have exchanged numerous emails to the company with NO joy and today, when checking my account noted that more money had been taken. I have spoken to my bank, which is based in the UK, and they have lodged a dispute and cancelled my debit card as it’s the only way to stop any further transactions.

    Surely this company cannot be allowed to get away with such unprofessional practice & surely we as consumers have to have our customer rights listened to and acted upon. I have tried to call the company with no joy. So any suggestions on how I could contract them would be gratefully received.

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  • Ma
      Oct 03, 2009

    Seems like they specialize in scamming!! I had a similar experience. Not only do they keep sending the product and billing each time, the products do absolutely nothing. I have made numerous phone calls to their "customer service", have been promised that I will receive a refund and an address to send the products back, sent numerous emails and all to no avail. Why are they not shut down?

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