Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette ScamGreen Smoke is a Complete scam. Don't get there e-Cigarette

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Green Smoke Is a Scam. Don't even try getting there electric cigarette. there prices are WAY overpriced. I've been with this company almost a year and had about 19 different battery's and the cartridges do not last anywhere near a pack but yet they are expensive because there "high quality, great customer service, and so on." There customer Service isn't great. I'm still in my one year warranty, and a supervisor called me and told me I cannot get anymore battery exchanges as I have already got many; very rudely. Green Smoke uses a E9 Battery which is $50.00 when you can purchase a E9 rechargeable battery for only $9.95 at
I'm tired of this, I've spent thousands of dollars on Green Smoke and still, the battery sucks, as well as the cartridges. Why sell a BATTERY at $50.00 when you can get a battery at $9.95? This is a complete scam. I've had many issues with SHIPPING. Orders take long to ship, and my shipping methods magically change all the time. If you choose FREE shipping, my orders take over 12 days to arrive. There free shipping cost. They will mark your order as *SHIPPED* within 48 hours, but they will create a shipping label and ship it out later. Green Smoke is more of a scam then a solution. I would not recommend you go to Green Smoke but will recommend you try BLU Cigs. They have a 'blu pack' which is amazing! They have a bunch things alike green smoke except: BLU CARTRIDGES ARE USA MADE. Green Smoke is made in CHINA. The price is also a huge difference. BluCigs is much more reliable then Green Smoke and BluCigs. A Blu Cig Starter Kit cost: $69.95 and a Green Smoke Starter Kit cost $140! The cartridges are also a huge difference.
Ask Yourself ...
Are you trading one health problem for another?
Green Smoke Cartridges contain propylene glycol however bluCigs doesn't.
You will have to have your Green Smoke battery's replaced SO many times and at your own expense, you will have to ship back the battery to Green Smoke and then wait for a new battery up to 3 weeks since Green Smoke will use "FREE SHIPPING with Streamlite and it will take up to 12 days or more.
Green Smoke also proudly shows a : A cartridge lasts comparable to about 1 pack of tobacco cigarettes. How long a cartridge will last depends on the user. When the Green Smoke cartridge needs to be replaced, the flavor will get weaker and less vapor will be produced : This is a complete lie. It will last about half a pack of cigarettes
Don't order the Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette. You will be surprised of customer service. They don't care about the customers, Green Smoke cares about the money and getting paid. If you find a Green Smoke coupon code, don't use it. Someone will be making 15% off all your purchases. All the reviews on youtube, electronic cigarette review sites are lies. They are affiliates of Green Smoke telling you how great there products are. They will proudly display a link to Green Smoke, however that is there affiliate link. BluCigs care there customers. Green Smoke will be extremely helpful to make sure you order there starter kit, after the 30 day money back period you are on your own. I forgot to mention the most horrible thing. ALL GREEN SMOKE CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVES HAVE THE SAME EXACT RESPONSES. Here are some examples of the Green Smoke Customer Service Responses:
My battery stopped working: This has never happened before, we'll send you a replenishment after we receive your current battery.
These cartridges aren't lasting very long: Each cartridge is eqevilent to one pack of traditional cigarettes.
Don't go with Green Smoke! Please!! You will end up sorry. There customer service are a bunch of liars including JULIE MILLER that changes your shipping information when YOU DO NOT REQUEST THAT.
Green Smoke makes huge profits off there products. There website looks great and very professional. But thats just the trick to make there website stand out. Go with a cheaper brand. Usually its "You get what you paid for" but this isn't the case. There products are overpriced and suck very bad.

A horrified Green Customer.

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  • Sa
      Feb 25, 2011

    About the battery complaint, This is not true for me they sent me a new battery first with an envelope to send my defective one back to them. I did not have to wait for it. Green smoke also sells a battery that plugs into your computer while smoking it, eliminating the need to charge it. Its not portable but it saves the lives of the ones you can use while on the road. Also I smoked about a pack of newports a day and since I recieved my green smoke I have not smoked a newport at all and even cut down on nicotine by switching cartridge mgs. I would say one cartridges definatley last me about a day and a half. So so far I have saved alot of money and time running to the store everyday to pick up a pack of analogs (neweys). And just because everyday ordinary people become affiliates with green smoke and do videos on youtube and so on doesn't mean they are not sincere when they are telling you how great the e cigs are. Some of them are maybe just looking for money but I believe 80% or more of them truly love green smoke and are excited to spread the word and making a little extra money on the side while doing so isn't hurting anybody. Green smoke is awesome, they listen to the customers constantly and are always changing their products accordingly. Please don't let one bad review ruin your chances of eliminating the 4, 000 chemicals from your body that are contained in real cigarettes. You should give green smoke a try, alot of people have tried other e cigs and didn't like them at all and never picked one up again based on trying that one brand, when if they tried a really good brand like green smoke they might have had success.

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  • Ma
      Aug 13, 2019

    @sabrinab123 The poster did it all wrong, Green smoke had awesome service, they replaced over 20 batteries for me for free everytime, also you should have realized early on, you can refill these cartridges yourself with any juice, I bought cartridges once in a while when they had a sale, otherwise I went over 2 years without buying anything except juice, I would just take the cartridge apart, and fill it myself, they worked great.
    they had such great service that they would send me new batteries without asking for the old ones, so now I have maybe 10?
    I now have 10 or more batteries, hundreds of cartridges and several chargers that I am giving away, I went another direction after they went out of business, so I have no need or use for any of it, so if anyone wants all this green smoke stuff send me a note, it is yours.

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  • Mo
      Mar 03, 2011
    Best Best Advice


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  • At
      Mar 03, 2011

    I love how green smoke has offered monetary gain to have this person take the complaint down.
    i am a green smoke victim, it is a complete ripoff especially when you can purchase the EXACT model with many more amenities for TEN DOLLARS. i have already invested in E-CIG which is who makes the greensmoke product anyways. advertising greensmoke the way you are is deceiving to americans who are under the impression it is american made when its not. its made in china.

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  • Go
      Mar 03, 2011

    Sorry, can't agree.

    I own Green Smoke and like it a lot.

    Having said that, it is true that their batteries are indeed overpriced. The first reviewer is correct that you can get cheaper batteries from the manufacturers of E9-type devices. This is normal. The vast majority of e-cig manufacturers are based in China, and ordering directly from them will always be cheaper (but far less convenient and safe).


    I've had nothing but good experiences dealing with Green Smoke customer service, and while overpriced I've had no troubles with the batteries sent in the original kit.

    Green Smoke batteries have gone through an evolution of sorts. In the past, these batteries had a "cutoff" time that protected the cartomizer. This proved to be an unpopular feature, and Green Smoke listened to their customers and demanded that their distributors fix the problem. Bit is no longer an issue.

    It is also correct that Green Smoke uses "affiliates" to help sell the brand. Many of these people (and incidentally I'm NOT one of them) are happy customers who believe in the product and want to earn a bit of dough on the side.

    If you search on Green Smoke, you'll undoubtedly find both good and bad reviews. I wound up purchasing the product after observing that the positive reviews FAR outweighed the negative. I'm certainly not accusing those who had bad experiences of making up stories, but their experiences seem to be the minority, and not all positive reviews come from "affiliates".

    Bottom line: do your research. Not everyone will agree that any one e-cig is the best, and not everyone will have a pleasant experience dealing with any one company.

    But if you go for the "majority" opinion (as well as mine), Green Smoke is absolutely not a scam, and a very good product.

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  • Mh
      Mar 16, 2011

    Green smoke is definitely top of the line. I have been smoking tobacco cigarettes for sixteen years and I have smoked a minimum of one pack per day for sixteen years. I got my Green smoke kit two weeks ago, I have not smoked a single traditional cigarette, and I have yet to finish the five sample cartridges that came with the kit. This product is awesome! After two weeks I already am feeling more energetic and I have more stamina. I'm hoping that this product will help me quit nicotine all together, but even if I can't I can already tell you this is way better than smoking. Yes, I have signed up as an affiliate! What's wrong with that? I'll tell you what, I'm sure that I am just like many other hard working Americans. I've been working hard for corporations all of my life and I've always dreamed I would find a way to make other peoples lives just a bit easier, and better, while making a profit for myself. Green Smoke is a company that has finally provided me with such an opportunity. So do me a favor after you've researched the competition and you realize that Green Smoke's two piece system is definitely the best product on the market. Use my promo code for a 10% discount go to and use coupon code disc10-24396 or coupon code discs-24396 for a 5% on orders under $100.

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  • Ec
      May 29, 2011

    I think the complaint has some points but may be a little overly critical of Greensmoke. Their product is more expensive and in our testing, the batteries are comparable to other e9's out there. You are definitely paying more but for some, the one year warranty is key because heavy users of any E9 will need to replace batteries after 3-4 months in our experience. We have found their customer service to be responsive in our interactions with them.

    From our reviews of various e-cigarettes, we have found that Greensmoke overall is a fair choice for those starting into e-smoking. As the original poster points out, there are far cheaper alternatives out there for those who are more familiar with electronic cigarettes.

    Our reviews of a number of brands can be found here:

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  • Re
      Jun 02, 2011

    You can definitely tell the quality of a product based on their return policy and customer service. I quit smoking over a year ago using Vapure products and now carry them. I never have an issue with any customers because we replace any faulty units and our liquids are USA made VG based with a variety of flavors. Feel free to check them out here if you are interested.

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  • Sn
      Aug 08, 2011


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  • Tr
      Aug 31, 2011

    Well all I can say is that I love Green Smoke...Their Costumer Service is excellent and their product is far better than any other out there...Things are going to happen with anything you buy...batteries go dead...carts go dead...that is life...if you think you will get a perfect product everytime you are kidding yourself...For those who havent tried Green Smoke I suggest you do and see for yourself how great their product really is...Im sticking with them...I love Green Smoke.

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  • Ca
      Jan 09, 2012

    Hi ecig users. I am from holland and never used e cigs. After searching and compare different e cig, i repeatedly came across GS. I ordered a starting kit today from uk. The process of my order was a really a pain in the A.! They told me that iust send them a id or something because a security reason. Never heard. That before. And believe, i buy lots of things from uk. Anyhow, After sending for a second time a scan of my id and asked with live chat (with email it was way to slow for them to reply) the scan was ok. So order hold was changed to processing (at last!!) i asked if they will ship tomorrow but the lady dont answered the question. She told only as soon as possible...

    So i am asking to my self, will i get my order this week? Will GS making me happy? Should i had bought a e9 battery instead of this expensive kit?

    I definitely place my findings here in 1 or 2 months. Or maybe sooner if it sucks and definitely not worth 82€. So stay tuned if you are interested

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  • Ca
      Jan 13, 2012

    Hello vapors, i want to let you know that i cancelled my order because a delay that green smoke had. So i can not tell if this product is worth the high price. What i can tell is the custumorservice of green smoke. They were frendly and cancelled my order without a problem. Waiting for a refund...

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  • Je
      Apr 23, 2012

    I started using Green Smoke about 6 months ago & I have mixed feelings. They are very expensive but I chose to still go with them over other companies because they had great reviews and have been around for a long time. The batteries work very well at first but do seem to not work that great after about a month of use. Even after fully charging them, I feel as though they are not pulling properly which kind of feels as though I'm not able to really enjoy each cartomizer. I emailed them about it and they sent me a new long battery at no cost to myself and I recieced it within a week. So that was very nice. As far as the cartomizers go, they go really fast. It seems like no matter how little I try to puff on one it still only last me a day and a half at the most. Usually only a day though. Since they are priced at $16.99 each pack, I feel like I am just spending way too much money. More then I was on cigarettes.

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  • Te
      Jun 22, 2012

    Hi – It’s good to read such interesting stuff on the Internet as I have been able to discover here. I agree with much of what is written here and I’ll be coming back to this website again. Thanks again for posting such great reading material!!

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  • Bo
      Jun 27, 2012

    Well I've been smoking green smoke for 2 years and have probably gone through 40 battery's! there service and communication sucks, I've placed orders that Havant arrived, it is an OK product and there customer service used to be really good and friendly but now they are so big it seems as though they have a cooperate carrot stuck you no where! There branding and marketing team are what makes this company so good not there product or service.They are happy to take your money but once you've paid your just another number. I have now switched to brand out of Shenzhen china who bends over backwards to make me happy.

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  • Ra
      Jul 25, 2012

    I am a very happy customer of Green Smoke. I'm not experiencing any problems with my batteries as I keep an eye on them charging and pull them when they are charged. I've tried all the other e-cigarette brands and juices and I keep coming back to Green Smoke as I like their flavor and I cartridge will last me thru the day, but I was a 3 pack a day smoker before. Now I buy 45 cartridges and they last a little over 30 days which gets me to my new order day and they arrive like clockwork 4 days after ordering. I guess if I were in the business of selling e-cigarettes I'd complain about the competition as well. What I know is that after 40 years of smoking cigarettes I am now smoke free for over 8 months.

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  • Ry
      Jan 03, 2013

    I decided on Green Smoke about 6 months back. They were. Definitely the most expensive company out there but they had been around for awhile and they seemed to have good reviews. At first, I was very happy. I had spent a lot of money but the kit was great and the cartomizers that came with it seemed to be the best. After a couple months though, it got bad. In my kit, I had gotten 1 long battery, 1 short battery and 1 usb cig. Well, the usb fig did not work right. And the other 2 batteries worked well for 2 months but after that they just would not hold a charge for more than an hour and I had to pull on them very hard. Green Smoke customer service did replace them a couple times but refused after that claiming that they had already replaced enough. I don't think that is right because if I purchase their product and it is faulty, it should be replaced even if that means replacing it more than two times. If they don't like replacing batteries more than two times, then they need to sell a battery that works correctly instead of punishing the customer who has done nothing wrong. The other issue I had was that the cartomizers I got with the kits were great but most of the packs I purchased seperately after that were not. They were inconsistant and most would not last more than half a day. I contacted service about and they credited my account with $16.99 which was enough to cover one pack of cartomizers but not the shipping. Even though I had problems with more than one pack, they would only do that once and insisted that I pay to ship all faulty cartomizers back and after checking them they MIGHT replace them. I don't like that because then I'm paying out of pocket to return something that they could turn around and say worked correctly and not replace them. So I would then be out the money for shipping them back and out the money for purchasing them in the first place. To top it all off, they then changed the stickers on the cartomizers to rubber stoppers, which you would think would make the cartomizers better. Nope, instead it got worse. I was starting to go thru 2 to 3 cartomizers a day and my puffing habits had not changed. I found out that I was not the only one having this issue, on their Facebook page they have many many complaints about this. They respond by saying that it must be bad batches but there is no way this can be true when I along with lots of people are experiencing this with pack after pack after packs of cartomizers. Again, their idea of resolution is to make their customers ship them back at their own cost and then they get to decide if they feel like shipping the customer a replacement. In my opinion, it seems as though they may have changed up some of their products and policies in order to save themselves money but all it is doing is costing their customers more money and driving them away. I had referred other people to Green Smoke and now I regret it. I invested a whole lot of money in their products just to be completely disappointed.

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  • Je
      Apr 01, 2013

    Actually, Blu cig does not contain Propylene Glycol and they are made in the USA only. I'm thinking about switching to them because they have better pricing too.

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  • Sh
      Aug 18, 2013

    First off I would like to say that no product is perfect but some products are just better then others. I am a green smoke customer and affiliate. I truly love green smoke. And I definitely wouldnt try to sell a product to friends and family if I thought it was a rip off or scam. I live in a small town and everybody knows everybody...and I wouldn't want anyone upset with me buying this product that I recommended to them. I have not had any problems with green smoke. I will agree that they might be a little more pricey...but u do get what u pay for! I had smoked for twenty years and green smoke helped me quit regular tobacco cigs. And I feel a lot better too! I was a pack a day smoker and definitely don't miss anything about them. As far as making a profit off of selling green smoke...its not any different then selling makerup brands, jewelry etc. I am very happy with green smoke and I hope that I can make other people happy with their product and make a little extra money too. And if the products not for have 30 days to return it. I have spent a lot of money on different kits and wish I would have done a little more research. Not all were horrible but some had more issues then others...leaky cartridges, short battery life, short lasting flavors. I personally like green smoke and plan on sticking with them. With that said...if your a smoker who is looking for a better alternative to smoking regular cigs...give them a try. I'm happy I did. Go online and read reviews, alot of research on green smoke and decide for yourself.

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  • Da
      Sep 28, 2015

    I have used Green Smoke for years. Customer service always good. The cartridges don't last as long as they should, but I get a new battery (free) with each order so this is not a problem. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to reach them in two days by phone or chat. Is there a problem?

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  • Ch
      Apr 16, 2017

    Some of these reviews are hard to read. Absolute horror stories with seemingly no end in sight. Stories that wouldn't be out of place in a Steven King novel. Customer service is more like "customer dis-service", product quality is absolute crap, etc... So bad that you have to question the validity of such complaints. I use GS daily and have for a little over a year with ZERO complaints. I'm not trying to say that you're lying, but if they are truly that bad, GS would have been sued and forced to close its doors long ago. True, there are cheaper alternatives out there and I shopped around before committing to them. How is it that in over a years time I haven't experienced anything even close to your experience. NOTHING. Maybe it's just you. Maybe GS has singled you out and won't rest until they've broken you. Hell, maybe we should all sleep with one eye open since they are apparently the monster in our closet, the boogeyman under our beds.
    For those who are interested in buying an E-Cig, I have no problem recommending GS and hope you will base your opinion not on ignorance or other's opinions, but on your own experience. I highly recommend them as much today as when I first started. If you like them, great. If not, try other brands. No harm, no foul.
    (Oh, and if you're reading this GS, I still love you.)

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  • Bi
      May 01, 2017

    I've been with Greensmoke for at least 4 years. I had no issues with them, and loved the product. Then, they started to make some changes to their products. They eliminated some of their flavors, and one was my favorite, Gold. So, I started to use their Classic flavor, and it was good enough. Then, the cartridge packaging was changed. I thought, no problem. Then I noticed that the cartridges were not lasting near as long as they had been. I sent them a message about the cartridges not lasting as long, and the gal told me that they had reduced the amount of fluid in them hoping to make the product better. Better? The cartridges last about half as long as they used to, making them even more expensive as they were before because I now use twice as many in a week. They credited my account with 75 points towards my next purchase which I did appreciate. I used those points up and now I am looking for a new brand to go to. Greensmoke has just gotten way too expensive for me anymore. Greensmoke, I loved you, but you have destroyed a great product.

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  • Gr
      Aug 24, 2017

    I have been using GreenSmoke for roughly five years now after having done extensive research when I started vaping as to the best e-cig on the market. At the time GreenSmoke was the hands down winner, though I'll admit it was one of if not the most expensive option. Due to the expense and because e-cigarettes are a relatively young industry as such there are constantly new players on the market and old players come out with no models I try a different brand every 3-6 months and I still find GreenSmoke to be the best.
    My only complaints are price (which seems to be getting worse not better) and the fact that the batteries do not seem to last as long as they should. Regarding the price, while I wish they were less expensive it's just a reality that you pay for quality. If you're willing to sacrifice some quality to save some money then GreenSmoke is likely not the brand for you. As far as the quality of the batteries are concerned this is definitely a valid complaint. That said two things make this a non issue for me. Firstly, if you buy your cartomizers in bulk you can select spare batteries or chargers as free gifts with each order. Even a modest user soons finds they end up with so many spare batteries that it's not really a big deal when one dies on you which happens regularly (I've had brand new batteries straight of the package not work). Secondly, GreenSmokes return policy is second to none. I'm curious just how many batteries the person who posted the original complaint was trying to return as I would guess that I do a broken battery exchange with GreenSmoke every 4-6 months for on average 5 batteries per exchange. Customer service has always been extremely pleasant and have always issued an exchange without complaint. That number should indicate just how frequently batteries fail and I take every precaution to protect them; specifically I never put them straight into my pocket and always use a case to minimize the amount a "gunk" that gets sucked up into them. I know I sound like a broken record here, but I want to emphasize that while they definitely have an issue with battery quality it doesn't actually affect you if you buy your cartomizers in bulk so you have enough spares around the house to cover you when you have to call customer service to get batteries replaced. It should also be noted that GreenSmoke not only replaces broken batteries but covers shipping both ways (returning broken batteries to them and sending you replacements). Additionally, unlike the vast majority of other companies they will ship out replacement batteries when you log the call with customer service without waiting for your broken batteries to arrive. NOTE: I don't know if this is their regular policy or if I've simply garnished a level of trust with the company because I've been a customer for so long and I always honor my commitments by shipping them what I promise.

    P.S. For what it's worth the only relationship I have with GreenSmoke or any of its affiliates (if any exist) is that of a customer. I am not an employee of the company, nor am I paid by them either directly or indirectly.

    Greg Cary

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