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I invested with these guys just once. Then I moved on to another investing group.
During my short time with Green Light I quickly realized they didn't do good due diligence and didn't give us investors enough information. No wonder so many people lost money with Green Light investments.
I think the guys at Green Light: Ryan, Chris, David, Jed and Alan are very inexperienced in evaluating properties. They attract newbie investors who don't know any better.
I am grateful I found another bulk buying group where I have learned from their seasoned brokers, what to look for in an investment deal

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  • Ca
      Jun 15, 2008
    Green Light Real Estate - Hype
    United States

    I bought some properties with these guys a few years ago in North Carolina and Tennessee. Both of my properties have declined in value, and continue to go down. I was hoping to sell them, but there are too many investors trying to do the same thing.

    I am loosing money on both of these properties. Now having studied those markets, I see they were already going down when we were offered them. We were told they were appreciating, but that wasn't true.

    I think Ryan and Alan try to find good investments, good enough for their mother as they said on the call, they just are both inexperienced and don't know how to analyze the markets. Alan's Golden Horseshoe stuff is nonsense! Markets are studied for specific criteria, and then good deals are found, it is not luck!

    I have joined a different "mega" group and I see the difference. The partners look at every angle of the market, conduct extensive due diligence and spent hours explaining their research during the conference calls, webinairs and live buying seminars to potential buyers. There is no hype.

    I understand now Ryan and his guys have moved from "Mega Calls" to "Millionaire Summits". Buyer Beware--They won't make a millionaire out of any one but themselves.

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