Great Fun Promotions / unauthorized charges

Back in August 2008, I ordered some flowers online and entered into a promotion that promised cash back on purchases plus with a $9.99 monthly membership you receive an unlimited supply of discount coupons on virtually anything as far as dining, movies, shopping, etc. Well, I called this company 2 times since August to cancel my membership, and was assured it was. I then received 3 more $10 checks which I thought was my cash back rewards on more purchases through the same company. I cashed the check and now a membership fee of $139.99 has been billed to my credit card, 2 days before Christmas. I called the company on my statement and was told that each of those "reward" checks was a promotion from a different company, and since I cashed them, each company has it's own membership fee and cancellation date. WHAT???? 3 different companies whose services I did not know I signed up for has my credit card info. and will each try to debit my account for up to $199.00 each. GREAT FUN IS A SCAM, don't try it, not even for the trial period!!!

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