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This office has changed hands and the new hygenists and office people are focused only on making as much money as they can from each patient. My son went in for a normal cleaning and they insisted on a full debridement which is used only prior to a periodontal exam, and not covered by insurance because it was done improperly. They recommended a complete deep cleaning for me and refused to do my regular cleaning. The hygenist was arrogant and talked down to me and refused to answer my questions. The estimated cost for that treatment was over $400 including antibiotics, $30 in extra charges for irrigation, etc. I went to a different dentist for a second opinion and learned that only two teeth needed the deep cleaning and the irrigation is a simple mouth wash that costs about $8 per bottle, and other dentists DO NOT CHARGE FOR IT because it is considered part of the procedure. Antibiotics were not indicated in ANY WAY. My son told he needed two fillings for cavities that were very surface and did not even require local anesthetic, but their treatment plan included "root protection" which they said was an "upgrade" and not covered. Then when I pointed out root protection could not possibly be needed for these surface fillings, they said composite fillings were not covered when they clearly have been on our plan for years and have been done at that very office, they volunteered to remove those charges. When he went in for the two fillings they said "oh- we found two more cavities!" We have since switched dentists. This place should be scrutinized very carefully. It is probably billing for stuff that is not being done, and it's over treating patients. In addition, if you call with questions they do not know what they are talking about - I called with questions and the office staff told me I had a lot of gum recession and when I asked more specifically about the measurements, the woman said "Oh- I am not looking at your chart, I don't have it out." She was just shooting from the hip. Unbelievable!

May 22, 2015
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      16th of Jul, 2017

    I totally agree with you because the same thing happened to me. The dentist refused me a regular cleaning as well. This was only a way to make money so the dentist suggested a deep cleaning, which I didn't need.

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