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I can't believe I'm still getting charges against my checking account!
I refuse to try contacting these scammers by phone as the only time I can call is during my work day and I don't need to use up my minutes on my cell phone to complain, so I'm complaining in writing.
I haven't visited this website
and yet I am getting charged on my checking account $64.21 plus $.55 for international fee. If this were legitimate I would have my $40, 000 debts reduced considerably and would be able to pay my rent with peace of mind.
Now I'm really pissed!! So I'm going to my bank to close out my account so they get the future charges rejected due to "account closed." I need that money to pay my bills!
Stupid Jerks! was a hoax and bait to lure suckers into believing that was the way to obtain federal grants to get one out of debt or anything else.

The national economic status indicates our nation is in debt in the trillions, yet these advertisements tell us that there is federal grant monies that the government doesn't tell us about. I truly believe the federal government hides lots of information from the public so that the world doesn't PANIC and create CHAOS. We have enough fighting, killing, stealing, etc. going on around us and we just want to make a decent living and decent people are just trying to get the little help they can get even if it's federal monies that are interest free with no re-payment plan.

Disgusted in Hawaii

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  • Ka
      Oct 19, 2009

    I paid 2.95 for information that was supposed to be sent to me in the mail about grants from the federal government and they charged my account for $ 73.23 more than that. While the transaction was still pending at my bank, I called to get a stop payment on my account and they could not do it. These guys have got to be stopped. When I called the company they said that I was told of the monthly charge. So I asked them to verify that because they record all messages. This is going to be interesting. So are they gong to incrminate themselves?
    Fort Thomas, KY.

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  • Be
      Jan 14, 2010

    I paid 2.97 for the grant guide. They did not send me a guide furthermore they did not tell me that after 7 days my account would be charged $76.21 monthly. I wanted to start my own business I have 4 children and I need that money. I called to get a refund and the person on the phone was very rude to me. These people have got to be stopped. What a scam.
    Alexandria, MN

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