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Good Morning,

On February 11, 2015, my daughter and I had purchased a 2013 Nissan Rogue from Grande Prairie Auto LP. My daughter knows the salesman (Donnie Clarkson) and trusted him to make sure everything was working on this vehicle as we were purchasing this sight unseen. Attached you will find a copy of the bill of sale and the Mechanical Fitness Assessment. We were under the impression that everything worked on and in the vehicle. In May, my daughter was trying her air conditioning as it was very hot outside and she noticed that it wasn’t working, just blowing hot air. We sent the dealership in Grande Prairie an email asking them to please have this fixed as we felt it should have been working before we purchased it. I spoke to Donnie Clarkson (the salesman) and he apologized saying he didn’t check the air conditioning because it was so cold outside when he took it for a test drive. Since this call with Donnie, my daughter has taken the vehicle into Go Mills Nissan South in Edmonton for an estimate and to find out what was wrong with it. Attached is a copy of the invoice showing that there is a leak in the condenser. We have asked the dealership in Grande Prairie to pay to have this fixed and they refuse to do anything about it. We are also being told that the repairs are not covered by the warranty we purchased at the time of the sale. We have looked over our warranty which is a Peace of Mind Added Security Plan and on page 17 (attached as well) you can see that all the parts of the condenser are covered by warranty showing no exclusions. We have spoken to Nissan Canada and they feel this should be covered because we should have the Platinum warranty once it is unsuspended. We also had to send Nissan Canada all the information attached in order to have the registration transferred to us or they wouldn’t even speak to us. We feel this should be covered by our warranty as well, according to the documents provided and would like to see the dealership fix this issue at no cost to us.

Since this email a few things have come to light. We have spoken to Nissan Canada and they say our warranty is suspended because the proper paper work and inspection have not been completed by the dealership in Grande Prairie. So we call the dealership back and they try to blame us for having no warranty. I have been told by the General Manager, Troy Collinge, that in order to get the warranty transferred a final inspection needs doing on the Rogue but they won’t pass the inspection until the air conditioner is fixed. Now they want my daughter to put a claim in through her insurance company and they will graciously pay for ½ the deductible and they will pay for the inspection once the repairs are complete. Well my daughter is in no hurry to go through her insurance company in fear her rates will increase and she feels this should have been taken care of before we purchased the vehicle or even the warranty. We feel they sold us the warranty under false pretenses and we have been paying for this since February 2015 and have not had it at all. I have called Nissan Canada back and they are going to do a review on this matter as they feel this isn’t right as well. Not sure what our next step is so we decide to email local companies in hopes that you can be of some help to us. Please contact me (Amber Pyne) at [protected] (work) or [protected] (cell) or my daughter (Sarah Kobialko) at [protected].

We heard back from Nissan Canada and they say the repairs are not covered by the warranty but the dealership should have had the inspection done before they sold the vehicle to us with the Platinum warranty. All this time we thought we had a warranty that covered our repairs to the vehicle when really we have nothing and yet we paid for this. We are trying to get someone to understand that the warranty inspection should have been done and any repairs completed before we purchased this vehicle. So now what happens if we repair the air conditioner condenser and they do the inspection to have the warranty transferred to my daughter and they find more wrong with this vehicle. Who pays for repairs then and if her insurance goes up because we put in a claim then who pays the increase? All my daughter wants is to have the air conditioning fixed and paid for by the dealership where we purchased this vehicle and then for them to pay for the inspection and get the warranty figured out. Is there any way you can help us
get the right solution to this nightmare problem?
Thank you

Jul 8, 2015

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