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Good day

Upon entering your premises on 29 April 2017 at approximately 21h30, I was told that there was a conference on the inside and I have to exit again. Upon exiting your premises, I was billed R10 for entering your premises, wtf?????? A woman named Nontabeko, with a ###y attitude I will add, tells my that she don't care, if I want to leave the premises I have to pay R10 and everybody knew about the conference. Did you notify the whole of Gauteng telephonically of this important conference you have, cause that is where I currently reside permanently. Then pocketing my R10 and not giving me a receipt for my payment afterwards, did she not receive a bonus? Is that why the attitude is there? Where is the customer centricity factor in your employees or are they just there at the booms to collect toll money? I am absolutely astound at the way she spoke to me, was it my appearance? My kids was unfortunately the disappointed parties in the whole matter as there was absolutely no visit to the ice rink for them tonight, cause this is what there father has promised them after a looooong busy day with other family matters. Thank you Grand West for charging me Toll money for driving through your booms in a direction which I did not have to go through after all and thanks for having me break my promise too my kids and having to pay for it by getting heat from your unprofessional, egotistical staff members. I can be reached on [protected] if you need to confirm if this is not a hoax. PS, don't expect me to be all bubbly about it...

Mr Jacobs

Apr 29, 2017
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      16th of Jul, 2018

    As a regular gold card holder and punter at Grand West I can certainly vouch for what other disgruntled punters have said. It has always been my understanding that according to National Gambling Regulations there are prescribed percentages which the casino must comply with. If this is indeed the case and Grand West is considered to be compliant then I have little faith in the auditing process. I have personally complained many times but this has largely fallen on deaf ears, and their new way of rating your experience at Grand West makes it impossible to direct your complaints to senior or executive management. An illustration of the impossibility of Grand West is in a recent visit I played a 10 cent machine playing 40 coins at a time. I managed to feed that machine R1200, without one free turn. Impossible you think? No this is the norm at grand west and perhaps thats why their slogan Live the Grand Life has taken a demise. Service at Grand West- well what is that? It does not exist. Attendants on the floor are incapable of rectifying any problems with a machine should you be lucky enough to find any of them as usually they are chatting to other staff and look at you disdainfully should you be so rude as to request help. Where are the drinks people? All the other casinos have them, not Grand West. Why did they get rid of them? I have heard various rumours ranging from theft to inabilty to manage them. As a punter, I was not canvassed on whether the drinks people sjhould go or not. Whoever made that decision made a very bad decision. If the rumours are corrected you treated the symptoms and not the cause. If staff are unmanageable then follow due process and terminate them and might I say the manager who is responsible for that area. All in all Grand West for me is very much a place of sadness as people watch machines gobble their hard earned rands with no possibility of ever winning. Of course at best my comments may be viewed by the powers that be as just another ranting of a disgruntled punter and dismisssed. Well general manager and the team below I hate to tramble on your ivory tower bubble but I am one of a growing number of punters who are seriously asking the question why should I come here anymore, legalised gambling mm, I have another terminology but best not be written here. A word of advice to executive management of Grand West, the world today is a very small place, the power of the consumer is the highest it has ever been, social media may become our voice since you refuse to listen.

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