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Grand West Casino and Entertainment World / Non payouts, poor service

1 Cape Town, South Africa Review updated:

So firstly my name is Shannon and I've been going to GrandWest Casino for a VERY long time. To gamble, have dinner, watch a movie or go to a live show.
My biggest problem with this establishment is the non payouts that never happen for me. Initially I would at least win and come home feeling good bit now and for a good couple of years my winnings have been non existent! I'm not talking about playing out R200 and complaining about it. I spend thousands of rands in that dam place and I NEVER WIN! I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels that way.
I may not have a platinum card but I have a gold card. For those of you that know the difference and how expensive it is to maintain your status on these various levels it can become expensive. Yes it's your choice to gamble and go back. But my issue is after all these years of gambling there I can honestly say I have not had a big win. The most I have won in a single go was R7200.
Now sounds a me...For those of you that understand my pain...and the amounts of money you spend there, R7200 is like R72! Don't get me wrong here...I was grateful...but after that...I have not won more then R3000 in a single go. I rarely get the feature (Free spins) and when I do on the odd occasion, I win less then my dam bet! Now tell me WTF! I really just feel like the system that they switched over to is more of a scam.
You can ask ANYONE on the floor how the winnings are, they will all tell you it's far in between and the amount you spend out ways your winnings so vastly you feel sick to your dam stomach.
That's that! Next...playing in one evening 30 points earns you a free meal! OMG WHAT CAN THEY GIVE US TO EAT! It's R500 per point. 30 X R500 = R15000 yes! I know right.
Now you get a pathetic chicken meal which consists of a drumstick and thigh, less then a handful of salad, chips oh and a free cool drink! Fifteen THOUSAND RAND GETS MR THAT BULL! Gosh...before this crap it was prawns or a disgustingly cooked piece of Kingklip(fish) with chips, no cool drink included. Now honestly...For a establishment of that size and regardless of your card status, surely they can do better where that is concerned?!
Maybe I shouldn't complain...that's the only free crap you get...oh wait...its not! 15k later or your 30 points get you that...really...its not asking for a 6 course meal but dam! Pathetic I say!
On the same topic of points. There have been nights where I have played up over 100 points in one visit. To some that's a me and I'm sure a large portion of gamblers that's a lot. Actually it's a @#$& load! THEN ALL YOU GET IS ONE MEASLY MEAL VOUCHER! That is really pathetic. If you pumping out such crap food. Then give us what we actually deserve. 60 points = 2 meal vouchers etc.

Moving on...The same restaurant that gives you the food...golden anchor, is a joke! The service is snail slow and always with attitude.
I found hair in a beef burger I ordered once. They didn't even bother to comp my meal.
There staff is untrained where proper service delivery is concerned and this goes for the staff on the floor that's non existent too. The various bars around the casino floor are just as bad. They are always having conversations and just blatantly ignore you till they feel they are ready to save you. When they do, it's with attitude because you now interrupted their conversation.
I don't think it's going to get any better where everything I have mentioned is concerned.
I never recommend the casino to anyone. They just good for the concerts they host and a movie.
They really need a competitor in Cape Town. I hope they keep pressing to get that new casino here.
Once that happens they are really going to lose there so called "Most Valued Guest"

Feb 5, 2015
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  • Bl
      31st of Dec, 2015
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    Shannon i have to agree with your report, we go there not to walk away millionaires but walk away a few hours later knowing that we went there and had a good time for a few hours, not get there and after 20 minutes and R1000.00 down have to go home now because it then becomes clear that they do not allow you the feeling of being a valued guest, in my opinion they want to milk you for all you came with and then send you on your way, and if you are not in posession of a silver or gold card they have the nerve to charge you R10.00 for parking!!!, please can we hear from Grandwest Management.

  • De
      28th of Jun, 2017
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    Have to agree with every complaint regarding the fact that the slot machines at Grandwest do Not pay as it did some years ago, which proves their strategy was to get the patrons here and then to make them lose in the end.
    Because definitely Grandwest has become nothing less than scam artists that do not comply with the gambling act in my opinion as the machines are supposed to pay after a number of combinations played, but evidently this is not the case, so we need to lodge our complaints with the gaming board . And Grandwest needs competition, therefore an opposing gambling entity like Tsogo Sun should have a Casino in Cape Town and things should be better then.

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