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Grand Canyon University [GCU] / education

1 United States
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I feel like Grand Canyon University has totally fooled me and are nothing like the state in their ads on television and other media outlets. I have and issue with the fact that I as a student receiving financial aid have no direct access to a financial aid adviser but instead my student services counselor is the one to contact for financial aid issues. Secondly, the online division of the school claims to be on a burrow based academic year. The claim because of this you can not fail one class or you will not be eligible for more financial aid funds. the funny thing is the federal government allows a student 150% maximum time frame or MTF. This means that you can fail a class or two as long as you maintain SAP or satisfactory academic progress; which basically means that a students GPA needs to be at a certain level based on the amount of credits that he/she has attempted. When these initials were spoken to certain student services counselors they do not even know what those initials means. After this i had a medical reason why my attendance was not what it needed to be as far as assignments which i informed the instructor about. She never asked me for medical proof or directed me to the correct people to assist me in getting the appropriate accommodations needed to help me until the last day of the class. She told me that to apply and she will work with me. i did got approved but they do not apply benefits retroactively. Because of this she refused to take the work that was already done but could not be submitted because she locked the assignment. i had a 87 average but because of the missed assignments it brought me down to a f, just two points away from passing the class. Another issue that i have is even though my tuition affords me the right to have a tutor for my major, there is no tutor available for the Information Technology major. So if I fall behind and have a part time instructor I have to play catch with the instructor and he is never available between the office hours that was stated by him. Then hen he finally contacts you, he emails. Here is the thing, I go to an online school so the majority of it is reading. If i didn't understand reading the textbook, what makes you think i would understand via email ? I need a conversation and the school's excuse is he is part time and does not have to give his personal number out. My answer was well give him a company cell phone, Skype or video conferencing applications but that is not an excuse that i am willing to accept. Furthermore, he provided his personal number but just never answer it. The issues go on but I am sure that i have provided more than enough for right now.

Dec 10, 2018

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